Cardiologist says all covid jabs must be suspended IMMEDIATELY

Cardiologist says all covid jabs must be suspended IMMEDIATELY

Dr. Aseem Malhotra, a renowned cardiologist based out of England, made another appearance in the media, this time with Fox News‘ Laura Ingraham to warn against Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines.”

Malhotra told Ingraham that all mRNA (messenger RNA) injections, including those from Pfizer, BioNTech, and Moderna, need to be immediately suspended from all further use.

The harm caused by the shots is so significantly vast and irrefutable that continuing to administer the shots, he said, amounts to a “global scandal” of epic proportions – watch below:

Malhotra explained to Ingraham that from the very beginning, the data showed that the heart risks associated with mRNA shots – and, to be fair, the viral vector shots from Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca as well – are extreme.

“That data suggested at the time that it was likely to cause more harm than good in most people,” Malhotra said. “And that’s the smoking gun.”

“That’s more than enough evidence for us to pause and stop the vaccine rollout.” (Related: Malhotra used to support covid jabs until realizing that they are a farce).

In people 16-39, there’s a 25% “absolute increase in heart attacks and cardiac arrest”

For reasons that are still somewhat shrouded in mystery, the jabs seem to harm younger people – and particularly younger males – much more than older people.

Malhotra went on to reveal that research out of Israel found that people aged 16-39 – meaning people in the prime of their life – have a 25 percent “absolute increase in heart attacks and cardiac arrest,” which cannot be attributed to the alleged “covid virus” itself.

In other words, the thing that is harming people is not some fantasy disease floating around in the air, but rather the chemical concoctions found inside the mystery vials they are calling “vaccines.”

“This has not been replicated in Florida,” Malhotra went on to state about the Israeli research confirming all this.

“That’s why the general surgeon of Florida has come out and suggested that certainly people in that age group should not be having the vaccine.”

According to Malhotra, who dug through the data even more deeply, this risk of heart harm does not just apply to people aged 16-39 – it actually applies to everybody.

“Not to that same degree,” he clarified, “but it does apply to everybody.”

It is at this point in the interview that Ingraham tries to play defense for those who rolled out the jabs at warp speed – mainly Donald Trump and his administration, which she does not name specifically.

Ingraham’s suggestion is that the jabs were unleashed at record speed because of the plandemic, which the powers that be were supposedly trying to get in front of with the fast release of the injections.

Malhotra responded to this defense by explaining that he finds it “hard to believe” that nobody knew from the very beginning that the shots were deadly and unsafe. All they seem to have cared about, it seems, is money (as usual).

“It’s likely they knew this, which means that … it probably should never have been rolled out in the first place,” Malhotra said.

Ingraham responded to this with a “wow,” followed by a statement about how if all of what Malhotra is saying is true, then this is a “global scandal” and is “as big as it gets.”

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