Army research into nanotechnology and quantum mechanics similar to what’s now being put into “vaccines”

Army research into nanotechnology and quantum mechanics similar to what’s now being put into “vaccines”

The United States Army is spending millions upon millions of your tax dollars on a variety of weapons including nanotechnology and quantum mechanics, which just so happens to be a key component of Big Pharma’s latest “vaccines.”

Carbon nanotubes are being investigated as a replacement for traditional silicon-based semiconductors, according to Joe Qiu, who is affiliated with the One Army Research Office. This new technology, Qiu said, is especially useful at very high frequencies in the 30-plus gigahertz range, as well as in very short wavelengths such as millimeter wave, which are used in the naked body scanners at American airports.

We know that carbon nanotubes are a key component in the 5G networks that Donald Trump helped roll out at warp speed with billions of dollars stolen from American taxpayers.

The mass implementation of 5G technology is not just about cell phones and computers, just to be clear. There is strong evidence to suggest that it is also about connecting humans to the internet of things, also known as transhumanism, which fake “president” Joe Biden is helping to fast-track as well with Executive Order (EO) 14081, as well as others.

Former Pfizer employee Karen Kingston explains all of this in much further detail in an interview she participated in with Dr. Steven Hotze, which is available at

“Biden’s executive order on Sept. 12 is about transhumanism,” Kingston told Hotze. “In the EO, he clearly states that it is important to fund the development of technologies that can program cells to reprogram our biology, the same way that you program a computer program.”

“It’s disheartening that there hasn’t been more movement to stop unleashing these bioweapons, neuroweapons and artificial intelligence, advanced device technologies on the American population and our children.”

They want quantum dot tattoos on every person to connect them to the 5G “and beyond” grid of globalist control

The Army says that at the moment, 5G deployment is largely limited to ranges lower than six gigahertz. There are plans, though, to “improve” these frequencies to 28 GHz and higher.

“It’s not just 5G,” Qiu says. “It’s beyond 5G.”

Within the next five years, he added, commercial use of nanotube-based integrated circuits could become a reality, though this is just an estimate. The Army has been funding such research for at least the past 10 years.

The Army is also working with quantum dot technology, the same technology that billionaire eugenicist Bill Gates talked about incorporating into Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines.”

Quantum dots are even smaller that carbon nanotubes, it turns out, and are capable of fitting inside them. They are designed to emit very specific wavelengths, allowing them to communicate with nearby towers when embedded as a “tattoo” onto or into the human body.

They are not easy to produce, but with a seemingly endless supply of taxpayer cash, the Army is working hard to make them a common feature in American society, including in medicine.

“Congress and good-government watchdogs often wonder, with good reason, about oddball research projects that slip into the Pentagon budget with no clear connection to any military purpose,” writes Sydney J. Freedberg Jr. for Breaking Defense about the technology, referring to the secretive nature of this creepy research taking place right underneath our noses.

Kingston also spoked to Dr. Eric Nepute, by the way, about covid injections in children and the threat these injectable biological weapons pose to current and future generations. You can check out that interview at

The latest news about the U.S. Army’s work with carbon nanotubes, quantum dots, and more can be found at

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