What kind of woman a man can't love, 3 signs

What kind of woman a man can't love, 3 signs
I am convinced that most women want one man for life. That he would be the one and that he would love for life. We could talk about what kind of man it should be to love for life. But today I'm going to talk about the kind of woman a man can't. He may even be able to live with her all his life, but there will be no love in it. We're going to look at three signs of that kind of woman.

The first sign is that a woman is no different from the other women around her. For example, the man works, walks in the park, eats in a cafe. And everywhere he sees women like him. There will always be the temptation to leave. Or, at the very least, not to appreciate his woman. And how can a woman be different in order to present herself favorably?

A woman can be especially intelligent, especially beautiful, with a special sense of humor, and so on. So that the man his friend said, "Look at that one, what's worse than yours?" and he could answer, "Nah, no one has such a sense of humor as mine." And there can be a lot of features, the main thing that this woman stands out among others.

The second sign - a man can not wait from a woman a kind word. A man also needs a nice word, support and so on. And if there is a woman who can do nothing but criticize, then there is no desire to love her or to be near her. Again, a man can stay with her, for his own reasons, but there will be no love in it.

Emotions are the field of women, they feel good about themselves there. And for men, another fight or argument is stressful. And imagine if nothing good is said to a man, but only adds stress to his life. How can you love a man who does that?

And the third point is that there are no vivid memories and experiences. A man starts a relationship with a woman, lives with her for a year. And can not remember anything bright and good from their life together. From such a woman is much easier to leave, such a woman is easier not to love.

And vice versa, if a couple has a lot of bright and pleasant memories, it is very difficult to separate. On the contrary, one wants to love each other for the rest of their lives. If everything is so good, rich and varied. A man remembers what it was like in his life before and what it was like after. And if it got much worse, it is unlikely a man will love his woman. (Planet Today)

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