Veteran Journalist to TGP Reporter: “It Is Considered an Open Secret that Angela Merkel was a KGB Asset”

Veteran Journalist to TGP Reporter: “It Is Considered an Open Secret that Angela Merkel was a KGB Asset”
The last East German Communist government: Stasi informant and PM Lothar de Maizière with spokewoman Angela Merkel 1990

(Planet Today) Speaking in Pennsylvania last weekend, President Donald Trump recounted how he sent a white flag to former German Chancellor Angela Merkel at the G7 summit 2018, warning her of making her country dependent on Russia. “When there’s a war, when there’s a problem with Russia, they’ll just turn off Nord Stream 2, and you won’t be able to defend yourself”, Trump warned Merkel. „Oh, that will never happen“, Merkel responded, according to Trump.

As Germany threatens to drag the EU into economic disaster over the energy crisis, many observers have revisited Trump’s prophetic remarks 2018 at the UN and G7, leading to speculation over why a smart person like Angela Merkel could have ignored Trump’s warnings and knowingly exposed her country to energy blackmail by Russia.

The internet has long been full of speculation about Angela Merkel’s possible role as a Stasi informant in former East Germany. Two former leaders of the Communist Youth League, Gunter Walther and Hans-Jörg Osten, have claimed that Merkel served as Propaganda Officer as a student in Leipzig the 1970s. Merkel has stated she was “Cultural Secretary” for the Communist Youth League, and mainly in charge of procuring theater tickets.

(Gateway Pundit also reported on current German Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s history with the East German Communist Party.)

Angela Merkel’s Stasi files have not been released, indicating the Stasi Records Center believes she is not a perpetrator, but a victim. Expert Stasi historian Hubertus Knabe has analyzed the available data and found no hard evidence Angela Merkel was actually “Informant Erika”, as is often claimed online.

Speaking to Gateway Pundit, however, a veteran  journalist familiar with Russia has revealed that it is considered an open secret in Moscow that Angela Merkel was a KGB asset.

Her father, Lutheran pastor Horst Kasner (nicknamed “Red Kasner”), was member of a KGB front organization, who regularly hosted the KGB arm of the Stasi, the source said. KGB assets Klaus Gysi, father of leftist politican Gregor Gysi, and Clemens de Maizière, father of Helmut Kohl’s former minister Lothar de Maizière, were regular guests in the Kasner household.

Lothar de Maizière was the last Prime Minister of East Germany, in which function Angela Merkel served as his spokeswoman. After German reunification, Lothar de Maizière is said to have recommended the wallflowery, unremarkable Angela Merkel to West German Chancellor Helmut Kohl, who took her under his wing as “My Girl” and groomed her for leadership in the conservative Christian Democrat party.

Lothar de Maizière was exposed as Stasi informant code named “Czerny” and withdrew from politics in 1992. So Angela Merkel was actually placed in government by a Stasi asset.

Angela Merkel was not active in the East German the 1980s opposition movement until she suddenly decided to join  the “Democratic Awakening” (Demokratischer Aufbruch – DA) in 1989, founded by Stasi agent Wolfgang Schnur, also a friend of her father’s. Members of the KGB unit Luch Group later admitted to using the DA to infiltrate the East German opposition.

“A restaurant owner in (West German capital) Bonn told me that Gregor Gysi and Angela Merkel frequented his restaurant together in the 1990s, always speaking Russian together, so no one could understand them”, the source said. Angela Merkel was Minister in Kohl’s cabinet at the time, who don’t usually meet with Communist politicians like Gysi.

“When they are drunk, high-ranking Russian intel officers in Moscow used to brag about how the German chancellor is a KGB asset”, the veteran journalist told the Gateway Pundit, speaking on condition of anonymity. “A major German publisher researched the subject, but never published anything. Why not is anyone’s guess.”

Merkel’s Stasi files contain huge gaps, “as if whole deletion teams were active”, the source claims. “Most of the files were probably taken to Moscow.”

Angela Merkel had a close working relationship with Vladimir Putin, with whom she spoke Russian just as he spoke German, having served as a KGB agent in Dresden 1985-1990. She met Putin more than any other world leader as German Chancellor 2005-2021.

“I always knew he wanted to destroy Europe”, Merkel said to an audience in Berlin in June, nonetheless denying she had done anything wrong. “I don’t think I have to say that I was wrong. And so I will not apologize.”

(Article by Richard Abelson republished from TheGatewayPundit)

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