Tucker Mocks Martha’s Vineyard Hypocrisy On Illegal Aliens: “Where Were The Weeping, Joyful Crowds?” (VIDEO)

Tucker Mocks Martha’s Vineyard Hypocrisy On Illegal Aliens: “Where Were The Weeping, Joyful Crowds?” (VIDEO)

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis sent two planes of illegal aliens to Martha’s Vineyard on Wednesday.

Martha’s vineyard quickly responded to it calling it a “Humanitarian Crisis.”

Despite rhetoric from the left, they kicked the illegal aliens off the island less than 36 hours later.

They will be transported to Joint Base Cape Cod

Tucker Carlson did a fantastic segment on his show exposing the hypocrisy of the left.

Tucker Carlson specially called out the Obama’s hypocrisy saying “Could it be that Barack Obama isn’t really actually in real life in favor of diversity at all?”

Watch (transcript below):

Partial Transcript from Fox News:

Finally, a happy story for once. Outbursts of irrepressible joy erupted throughout the exclusive island community of Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, last night. For hundreds of years, Martha’s Vineyard has suffered from the soul crushing effects of its own Whiteness. Island residents understood there was only one cure. They badly needed diversity. In fact, they often said so, but despite their very best efforts over many years, diversity never came to Martha’s Vineyard. It was tragic.

Imagine an 18th century British frigate adrift on the high seas with no lines, sailors slowly going mad, convulsing, dying, excruciating deaths from scurvy. That was Martha’s Vineyard, except it wasn’t lime juice they lacked. They had plenty of that because you can’t make a gin and tonic without it. What Martha’s Vineyard lacked was diversity, which is to say strength. Martha’s Vineyard was a very weak place. As of yesterday morning, that island was 89% White, monochromatic and utterly homogenous. Nearly everybody there was a rich Democrat. 80% voted for Joe Biden. The median home price was over $1,000,000. And then in a single blessed moment, everything changed. Relief arrived for an unlikely source.

Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida, having made his own state a paradise, decided to help other states desperately in need. So yesterday, the center sent 50 illegal aliens, most of them from Venezuela, to the Martha’s Vineyard Airport. They traveled from San Antonio to the Florida Panhandle and filing to their new home on Martha’s Vineyard. CBS Boston reports that after landing, the group wandered about three and a half miles from the airport into town, thereby instantly improving it. You can imagine the unrestrained jubilation on Martha’s Vineyard tonight, long-suffering islanders finally rescued from their own oppressive Whiteness. In fact, let’s go there now to check in on the celebrations.

Well, that’s not expected. Obviously, there has been a mistake. No, our producers are telling us there are no technical problems. That is, in fact, a live shot from Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, right now, but where were the weeping, joyful crowds? Where was the champagne and the ticker tape? We expected Times Square and V-J Day. What we got was a cemetery at midnight. What? But maybe it’s not so confusing. Maybe things aren’t as they seem. Our first clue is Barack Obama. Barack Obama is a part-time resident of Martha’s Vineyard. Obama is also, of course, as you know, the country’s greatest proponent of diversity. For years, Obama earnestly told us that immigrants were better than Americans. They were holy. They make our country strong.

Wow. So, see if you can follow the argument here. When penniless illegal aliens show up in Brownsville, Texas, one of the poorest cities in the United States, they are noble strivers. They’re looking for a better life in this country, and we applaud them. “Good luck in Brownsville, newly arrived immigrants,” but when these very same people jump the moat and get a free flight to Martha’s Vineyard, it’s something else entirely. It is, as the state rep just told you, “playing political games with people’s lives” because it’s dangerous. These immigrants could wander into a clambake by accident or worse, much worse.

Liberals are exposing their own hypocrisy!

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