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ReFounding America with Dr. Peter Breggin: WEF’s Great Reset includes plans to marginalize national governments

The World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Great Reset includes plans to marginalize national governments, according to Dr. Peter Breggin.

Breggin and his guest Jeffrey Tucker, founder and president of the Brownstone Institute, discussed the efforts of globalists such as WEF Executive Director Klaus Schwab and Microsoft founder Bill Gates on the Aug. 31 episode of “ReFounding America” on Brighteon.TV. They pointed out that the globalists seek to establish a New World Order.

Political scientist Ivan Wecke acknowledged the conspiracy theories surrounding the WEF in an article. He pointed out that Schwab and other elites are attempting a “corporate takeover of global governance” through the Great Reset. It was first conceptualized by the WEF as the Global Redesign Initiative after the 2008 economic crisis.

According to the political scientist, the Great Reset aims to put in place a communist world order by abolishing private property. The Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) would also be utilized to address the overpopulation problem, he added.

Wecke noted that Schwab had been hammering on for decades about “stakeholder capitalism,” the idea that global capitalism should be transformed so that corporations no longer focus on serving shareholders, but be custodians of society. The WEF carries out this stakeholder capitalism through a range of “multi-stakeholder partnerships” that bring together the private sector, governments and civil societies across all areas of global governance.

While the idea of stakeholder capitalism and multi-stakeholder partnerships might sound warm and fuzzy, it is not. Wecke said this means giving corporations more power over society while whole democratic institutions get less.

In this model of global governance, corporations are promoted to being the official stakeholders in global decision-making, while governments are relegated to being one of many – in practice, this means governments take a backseat role.

Biden merely a pawn by the elites in their plan to destroy America

Breggin did not mince words with his criticism of President Joe Biden. “Our current president is a criminal who’s been heavily invested in with his family and bringing his son with him,” he told Tucker. Given this, Biden and his administration merely serve as pawns in the elites’ attempt to demolish the United States.

“There’s one agreement that the progressive party in America and the globalists [have] 100 percent agreed upon: it is that democracy sucks,” said the Brighteon.TV host. “People in charge of themselves are terrible, and we must have a top-down pyramid control over society – whether you call it fascism, capitalism, communism or whatever else.”

Under stakeholder capitalism espoused by the WEF, government leaders such as Biden would be just mere stakeholders in the global governance model. Other stakeholders, such as the WEF itself and private companies, would have a bigger say compared to elected officials.

“Instead of reforming the multilateral system to deepen democracy, the WEF’s vision of multi-stakeholder governance entails further removing democracy by sidelining governments and putting unelected ‘stakeholders’ – mainly corporations – in their place when it comes to global decision-making,” Wecke wrote.

Visit to learn more about the WEF and its plans to create a New World Order.

Watch the full Aug. 31 episode of “ReFounding America” with Dr. Peter Breggin and Jeffrey Tucker below. “ReFounding America” with Dr. Peter Breggin airs every Wednesday at 6-7 p.m. on Brighteon.TV.

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