Reasons why some men leave their women after 40

Reasons why some men leave their women after 40

(Planet-Today) We lived a quiet life. Family, children, everything like everyone else. There didn't seem to be any big quarrels, but suddenly it turns out that the man wants to leave. Wants to leave the woman, demands a divorce. Why do these things happen? What drives men who do this? Because at every age, I believe, there can be different reasons. And when we're talking about the age over forty, there are peculiarities here too, which is exactly what we're going to talk about in this article today.

The first reason. Trite enough, but the man was just waiting for the moment when the children would leave home. Some children leave home at eighteen, some even earlier, some a little later. And, as a rule, parents in their forties and fifties can be left alone. And then the man realizes that the children will no longer be affected by this, you can leave.

And understandably, the man has thought about it before. But the thought of children stopped him. After all, children at fourteen or sixteen can really react vividly and negatively to the fact that their father is leaving. And when they themselves had left home, it meant they wouldn't care as much, and were old enough to accept and understand it.

Second reason. The man believes that the woman is a limitation. In fact, he often is. A woman forbids a lot of things, and she does it so often that she doesn't even think it's anything abnormal. Don't go anywhere with friends, don't change jobs, don't spend money, don't start a new hobby. The woman often takes on the role of being responsible for everything, so she tries to control all the steps within the family.

And obviously the man doesn't really want to see that for the rest of his life. So he decides that it is better to live alone. You can hang out with friends and acquaintances more often, you can take anyone home. You can do your hobbies, and no one will always say that this is some kind of nonsense. That it would be better to do business, and so on.

This is the third reason, by the way. After all, a woman can be not only a limitation, but also a stressor. When a man is thirty years old, he thinks he can get used to this stress. Thinks the woman will change and so on. Another quarrel: "That's okay, I'll put up with it."

But here we are, forty years old, and the woman is still a source of everyday stress. It is at this age that it becomes clear that the situation in the relationship just will not change. So the man decides to leave. And even if you have to live alone for the rest of your life, it's better than living with someone who stresses you out every day for any reason.

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