PROOF OF COVER-UP: Israel knew about serious safety problems with covid jabs while pushing them on people and hiding the harm

PROOF OF COVER-UP: Israel knew about serious safety problems with covid jabs while pushing them on people and hiding the harm

(Planet Today) Covid “vaccines” were unleashed under Operation Warp Speed and widely distributed for a full year before the Israeli government decided to look at any of the safety data, according to shocking new revelations.

Dr. Sharon Alroy-Preis, head of public services at Israel’s Health Ministry, upon learning that the shots were deadly a full year in, sat on that information until now as millions upon millions of people rolled up their sleeves for injection.

Alroy-Preis is part of a cohort that deliberately withheld the truth about Fauci Flu shots from the public, all the while lying to the public about how “safe and effective” they supposedly are.

We are not talking about mild side effects like injection site swelling, by the way. Serious, long-term health problems were identified very early on in conjunction with the jabs, including neurological damage with no apparent end.

These side effects were also established in follow-up research as being causal, meaning Israeli authorities knew the shots were responsible for them. And yet they pushed them anyway because, quite frankly, there was and still is a lot of money to be made from the operation.

“This is something no one else had been able to establish before,” wrote Steve Kirsch in an in-depth assessment of what has been uncovered – it is definitely worth a read.

“They don’t know how serious the harm is because they only looked at the data for the top five categories. Cardiovascular was #6. So they have only looked at a fraction of the data.”

Only 2.4 percent of Israelis are in compliance with their government’s jab dictates

Since the side effect data came from the Israeli version of VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System), it is difficult to say how prevalent these side effects truly are – but that is beside the point.

The biggest point to be made here is the fact that Israel knew all along that the shots are exceptionally dangerous. But rather than pull them from the market or at the very least notify the public as part of the informed consent process, the Israeli government kept the truth a secret while lying to the world.

“The Israeli authorities deliberately covered up the safety issues and hid it from the world, issuing a false report essentially saying ‘there is nothing new to see here folks, move along,'” Kirsch added.

“The only good news in all of this is that Israel protected Palestinians from getting this very unsafe vaccine. That was very humane of the Israelis.”

Early on, the Israeli people were mostly on board with getting jabbed, believing their government to have their best interests at heart. Today, the opposite is true.

As of September 2, only 2.4 percent of the Israeli population is in compliance with the government’s edicts about vaccination and “booster” shots. The vast majority of the population has stopped getting “boosted,” even though they are technically required to in order to live.

If all of this is news to you, that is because we are one of the few news outlets, independent or otherwise, that is reporting on it. The corporate-controlled media is engaging in a press blackout about these revelations, which decimate the plandemic narrative.

Kirsch says the article he wrote that unpacks all of this in greater depth “has enough information regarding both harms and corruption that it should bring down the house of cards if there is just one honest person in a position of authority in the world.”

On Twitter, someone added to this that:

“The rarest creature on Earth in 2022 is an honest person in authority. Even the Loch Ness Monster, Big Foot and Yetis are more numerous…”

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