Pressure Mysteriously Plunges in Nord Stream 1, 2

It's not just NS2: according to Reuters, Nord Stream AG, the operator of the Nord Stream 1 undersea gas pipeline from Russia to Germany, said Monday it was looking into causes of a drop in pressure in the pipeline.

"Tonight, dispatchers from the Nord Stream 1 control centre recorded a pressure drop on both branches of the gas pipeline," it said in a statement. "The reasons are being clarified."

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Reuters reported that the Russian-owned Nord Stream 2 pipeline experienced a sudden loss in pressure, and a leak was detected in Danish waters on Monday. 

"A leak today occurred on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline in the Danish area," said Denmark's energy agency.

Danish authorities said the leak occurred in the exclusive economic zone southeast of Bornholm island. Danish Maritime Authority announced all vessels must avoid the area:

"Mariners are advised not to navigate within a five nautical miles area of the mentioned position." 

Pressure Mysteriously Plunges in Nord Stream 1, 2

Russian energy giant Gazprom, NS2's operator, released a statement that said "marine authorities of Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, and Russia have been notified immediately" about the pressure drop, adding an "investigation is ongoing." 

"Overnight the Nord Stream 2 landfall dispatcher registered a rapid gas pressure drop on Line A of the Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline," NS2's operator said. 

NS2 spokesman Ulrich Lissek told AFP a "large bubble field near Bornholm" was spotted. He noted, "pipeline was never in use, just prepared for technical operation, and therefore filled with gas." 

Lissek said pressure inside NS2 usually is about 105 bars. It is now only 7 bars on the German side... 

A spokeswoman for the German economy ministry said there's "no clarity" on what caused the NS2's pressure drop

"We are currently in contact with the authorities concerned in order to clarify the situation. We still have no clarity about the causes and the exact facts." 

European NatGas prices weren't affected by the news because the pipeline, intended to double NatGas volumes to Europe under the Baltic Sea to Germany, was never operational after German Chancellor Olaf Scholz canceled it after Russia invaded Ukraine earlier this year. 

The Russian-owned pipeline, which was intended to double the volume of gas flowing from St. Petersburg under the Baltic Sea to Germany, had just been completed and was filled with 300 million cubic metres of gas when German Chancellor Olaf Scholz cancelled it shortly before Russia invaded Ukraine. --Reuters 

Underwater pipeline leaks can be very dangerous. In July 2021, Mexico's state-owned oil company, Petroleos Mexicanos (Pemex), had an underwater pipeline rupture that sparked massive fireballs.

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