Martha’s Vineyard illegals were shipped off to a Superfund contamination site

Martha’s Vineyard illegals were shipped off to a Superfund contamination site

(Planet Today) The 50 illegal immigrants that were sent to Martha’s Vineyard have now been shipped off to Joint Base Cape Cod (JBCC), which is a Superfund site.

A Superfund site is an area that has been contaminated due to hazardous wastes being dumped, left out in the open or otherwise improperly managed. These areas exist all over the country and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is either in charge of the cleanup of these areas or delegates the cleanup to the responsible parties while retaining supervisory authority.

JBCC is a sprawling 22,000 acre-complex in Massachusetts that is made up of five military bases administered by the National Guard, the Coast Guard, the Air Force and the Space Force. According to the EPA, JBCC is located over an aquifer that provides drinking water for 200,000 permanent residents and 500,000 seasonal residents of Cape Cod.

Fuel spills and other activities at Camp Edwards and Otis Air National Guard Base, administered by the Massachusetts Army National Guard and Air National Guard, respectively, have caused parts of the aquifer to be contaminated and thus be designated as Superfund sites.

The two contamination sites at the two bases are categorized as different sites. The one at Otis Air National Guard Base is administered directly by the EPA, while the Superfund site at Camp Edwards is managed by the state’s Army National Guard under the authority of the Safe Drinking Water Act.

Martha’s Vineyard illegals staying in luxurious facilities at JBCC

The 50 illegal immigrants shipped off to sanctuary state Massachusetts by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis were provided with shelter and other humanitarian aid by the state’s Executive Office of Public Safety and Security (EOPSS).

In a new video published by the office on Sunday, Sept. 18, the EOPSS showed the illegal immigrants being taken care of by the Massachusetts National Guard in a luxurious capacity. They were given access to a cafeteria with school-like cafeteria tables, a lounge room with couches and tables and dormitory-style bedrooms with bunk beds.

“The dormitory-style space at JBCC allows organizers to create specific housing areas for families that will remain together as a unit, women and any person with specific needs including medical care,” read a joint statement from the National Guard, the EOPSS and the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency. “Dedicated space for these groups ensures their continued safety, security and privacy.”

The illegal immigrants at the base are being given free food, drinks, clothing and hygiene kits. They are also being given free mental health, healthcare and crisis counseling services. Massachusetts is also providing the illegals with free legal services and assistance in getting temporary housing for families and education for their children.

Democrats potentially sent the immigrants to a Superfund site illegally

Don Surber, a retired journalist from West Virginia, writing on his blog, noted that sending the 50 illegal immigrants who were flown into Martha’s Vineyard to JBCC could be a violation of EPA regulations.

According to Surber’s investigation, the EPA’s work at both Superfund sites seems to be complete, but its activity and use limitations, known as institutional controls, remain in place.

These institutional controls prevent people at the Superfund sites from too much exposure to the contamination. It limits land and resource use and places zoning restrictions on the site to prevent the areas from being used for residential purposes.

This means that the Democrats who sent the illegals away from Martha’s Vineyard to the Superfund site not only did so illegally, but also with the full knowledge that they may be exposed to the pollutants that caused parts of JBCC to be declared Superfund sites in the first place.

“This is what government actually looks like,” wrote Surber. “A bunch of rich, white elitists complain and the government sends 50 poor, brown people to live at a Superfund site.”

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Watch this clip from InfoWars discussing how the liberals are now admitting that open borders are a problem following the arrival of 50 illegal immigrants at Martha’s Vineyard.

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