Mackenzie Scott Files For Divorce From Former Science Teacher

MacKenzie Scott - formerly known as MacKenzie Bezos - and her husband, Dan Jewett, have called their marriage quits less than two years after the couple announced intentions to give away "their" fortune together.

Scott filed for the divorce from Jewett, who is a former science teacher, in the King County Superior Court in Washington state earlier this week, according to The New York TimesYahoo Finance

As the report notes, in just four years' time, Scott divorced her former husband, Jeff Bezos, gave away $12 billion to various non-profits and then married Jewett, who was an instructor at the school where her kids attended. 

Jewett has not contested the divorce, Yahoo reported. The couple's division of property - of which Scott likely is responsible for 99.9% of - has been laid out in a separate contract, which had been agreed to by the couple and is not public. 

The couple's high profile relationship in the media was helped along by their collective promise to donate Scott's enormous fortune to good causes. However, in recent times, non-profits who generally received gifts from the couple were thanking Scott alone, the report says. 

Mackenzie Scott Files For Divorce From Former Science Teacher

“I am married to one of the most generous and kind people I know — and joining her in a commitment to pass on an enormous financial wealth to serve others,” Jewett had written publicly two years ago. 

One acquaintance of Jewett said of him after he married Scott: “He’s earnest, not very edgy. He’s the perfect person to end up with this money to give away — no sense of greed at all.”

The report notes that Scott has apparently been trying to scrub her connection to Jewett off the internet, as well:

In the past week his name vanished from her philanthropic endeavors. On the site for the Giving Pledge, where billionaires promise to give away half of their wealth before they die, his letter no longer appeared with hers. Without fanfare, his name was recently edited out of a Medium post Scott had written last year about their gifts.

Scott, a novelist, also deleted Jewett from her author bio on Amazon, the online retailer that is the source of her vast wealth.

Scott's fortune was once estimated to be as much as $62 billion, but due to the decline in the market, it is now estimated at about $27.8 billion. Scott has made very few public statements about her giving and often declines interview requests. 

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