Fired California nurse attests to COVID vaccine-induced myocarditis in kids

Fired California nurse attests to COVID vaccine-induced myocarditis in kids

A California nurse terminated for refusing the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine attested to how the shot causes myocarditis – heart muscle inflammation – in children.

During a Sept. 13 public meeting of the San Diego County Board of Supervisors, former nurse Tawny Buettner recounted her experiences while working at Rady Children’s Hospital. Buettner worked at the hospital’s cardiovascular intensive care unit (ICU) for more than a decade, before her firing.

The former nurse told county supervisors that she cared for children suffering from myocarditis “after the vaccine.”

“I’m a nurse – at least I was – at Rady in the cardiovascular ICU. I am the one who lost my career in pediatric cardiovascular ICU care,” she said. “I’ve worked for 13 years in this community taking care of some of the sickest patients. The day before I was taken away from my position, I was actively giving compressions to a child, pushing calcium into his veins to keep him alive.”

While the child managed to recover and get discharged, Buettner said she was “ridiculed by those who were supposed to be [her] colleagues and friends.”

Being a charge nurse, Buettner asked physicians why the cases of vaccine-induced myocarditis in children were not reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System. However, she was told of the “unspoken rule” – staff members in the cardiovascular ICU were prohibited from talking about the lack of reporting.

Despite being unvaccinated, the former nurse never caught COVID-19. She said that she followed the rules by getting tested twice a week and wearing the required protective gear “because [she] loved the job and the community.”

But the hospital management still decided to put Buettner on unpaid leave for six months before terminating her on March 1, 2022. The hospital said unvaccinated nurses such as Buettner “were too great a risk.”

Kirsch: Vaccine caused uptick in myocarditis cases in kids

Vaccine safety advocate Steve Kirsch commented on Buettner’s observations in an article on his Substack.

“Before the vaccine rollout, they’d see four or five myocarditis cases a year … at the hospital where Buettner works,” he wrote.

“In the last half of 2021, she is aware of 33 cases. That’s an increase of over 10 times in the rate of myocardits cases since the vaccines rolled out.”

Kirsch also pointed out that the troponin levels of children affected with vaccine-induced myocarditis were extremely high. Troponin, a protein that plays a key role in contraction in the heart muscles, is released when the heart is damaged.

“Note that after a heart attack, troponin levels might hit five and return to normal after a few days. So these troponin levels were elevated by something more extreme than a heart attack. Those levels can stay elevated for months.

The vaccine safety advocate quoted another person, who attested to Buettner’s findings. That person mentioned seeing boys with “troponin levels more than 400 times than normal, two to three months after the injections.” The same whistleblower added that girls who suffered from vaccine-induced myocarditis had high D-dimer levels.

“The increased rate of myocarditis cases and excessive troponin levels didn’t happen by chance. It only started after the COVID vaccines rolled out,” said Kirsch.

“Tawny is not the only registered nurse (RN) witnessing this nightmare. Where are the others? Not willing to be fired. It takes a dedicated intensivist RN fired for doing her job to tell us what she witnessed at the hospital.”

Kirsch also took jabs at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which claimed that there is only “a slightly elevated risk of myocarditis” after the COVID-19 vaccine. Buettner’s testimony debunked this claim.

“Someone is lying to you,” Kirsch concluded.

Visit for more on the COVID-19 vaccines’ adverse effects.

Watch Tawny Buettner share with Emerald Robinson how doctors at her hospital refused to report vaccine injuries.

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