Billions of dollars’ worth of American arms and aid disappear into a black hole once they enter Ukraine

Billions of dollars’ worth of American arms and aid disappear into a black hole once they enter Ukraine

Ukraine is one of the most corrupt governments in Europe. As such, it would not come as a surprise if Kyiv has no working method to track the enormous influx of American weapons and aid coming into the beleaguered nation.

When tens of billions of dollars in aid and and military supplies reach Ukraine, they allegedly go into a black hole.

And nobody knows where all of the weapons and aid wind up. Inspector General Sean O’Donnell, a Department of Defense official, said Ukrainian officials do their accounting of American equipment and aid with “hand receipts, it’s all paper.”

O’Donnell also mentioned that he doesn’t “think they have much fidelity” as to where the arms wind up.

The U.S. has given $10.6 billion in military aid to Ukraine since the war started in late February.

Only 30 percent of arms delivered to Ukraine made it to the front lines

Meanwhile, a CBS News documentary found that only 30 percent of arms shipped to Ukraine made it to the front lines, and a large chunk of inventory ended up in black markets. The documentary was eventually pulled.

Reports also emerged that active duty American service members are being forced to give up essential munitions, as well as high-tech weaponry that are not easily replaced, so that these arms and ammo can be sent to Ukraine.

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin has depleted American military stockpiles, leaving the U.S. military in a precarious position.

The American military is being disarmed to support the Joe Biden Administration’s proxy war against Russia. And in the process, billions of dollars of weapons and aid are going into a nation with zero accounting or transparency mechanisms.

Meanwhile, Defense News reported that America has sent a dozen HIMARS rocket launcher systems to Ukraine.

Allegedly, HIMARS has demolished 100 Russian “high value” targets. The rocket strike efficiently destroyed ammunition depots, long-range artillery positions, command posts, air defense sites and radar and communications nodes.

Lithuania Foreign Affairs Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis said the weapon system successfully suppressed the Russian troops during an attack in Odessa.

HIMARS used by Ukraine is also reported to have ruined Russian ammunition depots in Chornobaivka and Bilohirka in the Kherson region. HIMARS rockets had also delivered a direct hit on an ammunition depot near the village of Brylivka.

Now, America is rumored to be sending more weapons to Ukraine. As reported by an official, the U.S. will send $3 billion more in security assistance.

Defense View reported that there are four types of weaponry that will be sent to Ukraine: the M-31 ammunition, which will be deployed by the HIMARS system; the 15 Boeing ScanEagle surveillance drones coming from the U.S. Marine Corps; the mine-resistant armored vehicles; and the 105mm artillery systems, including various other shells.

Find out more about what happens to the weapons sent by the U.S. to Ukraine at

Watch the video below to know how American military aid to Ukraine ends up on the Darknet.

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