The Devil's Marks on the Palm - How Do I Know? Satan's lines on the hand

Satan's lines on the hand

(Planet Today) There are devil's lines on the palm of a person's hand. They can tell a lot about the temptations that await. Correct and timely reading of such features will help to avoid contacts with unnecessary people, committing wrong actions and erroneous actions.

Unnecessary people

"Speaking" palm in this case is the non-working palm (i.e. left-handed people have the right palm and right-handed people have the left palm). The devil's lines are very fickle. They can appear clearly, or barely visible. They also tend to disappear, and after some time, they can appear again. Therefore, if during the examination of the palm you can not find the devil's features, do not get upset. Examine your hand the next day, a week later, or a month later. The main thing is to catch the moment!

The devil's lines to the heart line (originating under the little finger, then running through the palm parallel to the base of the fingers and ending under the index finger) can inform you about what people you should watch out for. Now find the features that seem to flow into the heart line. But we are interested in additions not on the whole length of the heart line. Divide the heart line mentally into two equal parts. On the interval from the beginning (under the little finger) to the middle will just manifest the devil's line.

If there are many lines on one side of the heart line as well as on the other, you should not count on the patronage of anyone (Fig. 1). Supporting such people will do you no good - it will only add to your future problems. But it is difficult not to give in to temptation. People who want to unselfishly help you solve a problem or promote your career will appear on your life path with enviable regularity. Count only on yourself and remember that you have to pay for everything.

If the devil's line in the heart line is more from below (closer to the base of the palm), then avoid the opposite, those people who constantly need help. It's important not to cross the line here. Helping others and putting them on your neck are different things. By54 Daria, be careful. Getting off your neck is hard, and not everyone likes it. Yesterday's comrades may easily become enemies.

A variant with more additional lines on top (closer to the base of the fingers) means that your troubles may come from a person who has unrequited feelings for you (Fig. 2). If you know that there is a man sighing for you languidly in your environment, rather reduce your communication with him to a minimum. Do not give him any hints or hopes in order to gain an advantage.

Action Matters

The appendage lines to the lifeline (located just below your index finger, skirting your thumb and extending down to your wrist), warn of actions you should never take, no matter how tempted you may be. Again, only half of the life line, from the beginning to the mind line (located in the center of the palm, below the heart line), is considered. As in the case of the line of fate, three options are possible.

The first is if the devil's features are about the same number on each side of the life line (Fig. 3). You cannot achieve your goals by dishonest means. You will quite often be faced with a choice: to act dishonestly and achieve success quickly, or to do what your conscience commands, but to delay achieving the desired goals (or not achieve at all). If you have achieved a high position by fraudulent means, it is rather painful to fall down. The smallest deception will lead to some pretty serious problems in the future.

The second is if the devil's trait is more on the thumb side of the lifeline (Figure 4). Try to promise as little as possible, and watch what you say. Your words should not be allowed to be at odds with your actions. Clearly, sometimes circumstances or the will of other people intervene that you can not influence. But the failure to previously made promises without objective reasons will have negative consequences in the future. You need to learn to resist the urge to talk and not think. Circumstances will arise now and then that are conducive to making a lot of promises.

The third is if the devil's devil is more on the side of the line of mind. Avoid bragging. Tell it like it is, don't sugarcoat it. You don't have to try to be better than you really are, just in words. Another illusion that will often be created - supposedly surrounded by self-serving, deceitful people who (unlike you) are always wrong. Do not judge the actions of those around you, do not discuss behind someone's back, do not spread gossip. If you find yourself in, say, a workplace, which welcomes the opposite behavior, then take a neutral position. It is certain that you are exposed to temptation, which must be overcome.

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