Rand Paul Calls For "Restrictions On Exporting DNA Technology To Communist China"

 Authored by Steve Watson via Summit News,

Senator Rand Paul has called for restricting the exporting of DNA technology to China in the same way nuclear technology to the Communist regime is restricted.

Rand Paul Calls For "Restrictions On Exporting DNA Technology To Communist China"

Speaking on Fox News Tuesday, Paul was explaining the intentions of his Senate Health Committee Gain of Function hearing, which begins today.

“Before we even get whether the virus came from a lab we have to explore, were they doing gain-of-function research?” Paul said.

The Senator continued, “Were they taking viruses, mixing them with unknown viruses and creating more lethal viruses or viruses that were more infectious or transmissible. I say without question they were doing this. Anthony Fauci says they weren’t.”

Paul further noted, “Tomorrow we will have the first gain-of-function hearing on Capitol Hill, the first exploration of this topic in two years. A million Americans died and we have not had one single hearing.”

“Tomorrow we have the first hearing and I’ll ask three scientists, very esteemed scientists, scientists with hundreds of peer-reviewed papers, editors of journals. This is an elite group of scientists that will be there tomorrow,” Paul asserted.

“I’m going to ask them was it gain-of-function research that was going on in Wuhan. That doesn’t prove it came from a lab but it proves that dangerous research was happening there and that it could have come from a lab,” the Senator vowed.

“My question is even if we don’t know for certain, let’s say it is 50/50, that’s still a big probability that it came from a lab. At that point, wouldn’t we want to make sure we’re controlling [it]?” Paul further urged.

He further explained “We have restrictions on exporting nuclear technology. Should we have restrictions on exporting DNA technology to Communist China? I think yes.”


As we highlighted earlier this week, Anthony Fauci is complaining that Americans are refusing to “adhere” to COVID restrictions, while asserting that everyone should STILL be wearing masks indoors.

Last week Fauci told Paul that he could “go ahead” and investigate all he wants.

“If they’re going to investigate me, I’d like to ask ‘investigate me for what’?” Fauci said, adding “For telling people to get vaccinated? For telling people to wear a mask? For telling people to abide by common sense, good public health practices?”

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