Czinger's Four-Seat Hyper GT Could Be the Future of Coupe Production

Czinger's Four-Seat Hyper GT Could Be the Future of Coupe Production

Four seats, 1250 hp, and a 3D-printed chassis make the Hyper GT Czinger's most approachable model to date.

Performance grand-touring auto manufacturers around the globe took note as the veil was pulled off Czinger Vehicle's new Hyper GT this weekend at The Quail: A Motorsports Gathering, during Monterey Car Week. It's not the looks of the sleek two-door machine, nor the prospect of competitive pricing that worried the others. Czinger is best known for its sheer performance and innovative 3D-printing production techniques, which have yielded the company a futuristic presence among hypercar producers. And the Hyper GT, a more comfortable and still ultra-high performance four-seat coupe, should compete with the best sports coupes from established premium brands.

Details are limited about the Hyper GT at this time, but Czinger has shared some rudimentary info. It will have gullwing doors and an aerodynamic design inspired by the company's flagship 21C model. Czinger confirmed the powertrain will be shared with the company's previous models, meaning we're in for another helping of 2.88 liters, flat-plane crank V8 with twin turbos and an 800V electric drive and regen system. That produces all of 1250 hp, a relevant number even in a world approaching 2000 hp. 

As for dimensions, the Hyper GT is naturally larger than its tandem-seat hypercar siblings, but not monumentally so. Czinger claims the back seat will be comfortable for 95% of adults. "I would say it's like a packaging that you would have in a car like a BMW M2 where you have like real headroom," said founder and CEO Kevin Czinger, in an interview with Autoweek. "It's not something like a Mustang where you have no room, but it's a real grand tourer that you can drive a long distance with four real-sized adults."

Czinger’s Hyper GT, with more than 1200 hp, will carry four adults around with ease. Czinger Vehicles
Czinger’s Hyper GT, with more than 1200 hp, will carry four adults around with ease. Czinger Vehicles

The model will use the company's proprietary human AI and 3D-printing production techniques, which Czinger claims will help balance this larger car's power-to-weight ratio. As the new Hyper GT follows the 21C Max into production, the reliability of Czinger's unique manufacturing technique will be tested. This production method has been so successful that other automakers have opted in.

"We'll have a factory in the UK and one in the EU, both set up in 2024 for six different major automotive brands," Czinger explained. "This is basically Amazon Web Services for cars." While other manufacturers are curious about the new manufacturing technology, they'll have to continue buying it from Czinger for the time being. Czinger considers itself a tier-one supplier and will not license the system to anyone.

So far, Czinger has sold 80 21C models, and the first deliveries are planned for fourth-quarter 2023, through Czinger's global dealer network.

Czinger's Four-Seat Hyper GT Could Be the Future of Coupe Production
Czinger Vehicles

Beyond selling production technology, the future for Czinger is set by the Hyper GT, ushering in the company as a potential competitor for more than the Rimac Neveras of the world. Though he could not disclose the style of cars to come, Czinger did say the company plans to have about a half-dozen different models within the next seven years. Perhaps that's an optimistic estimate, but it's a true test for the company's design and production processes.

The Hyper GT is expected to cost less than the estimated $2 million for the 21C, but that still leaves generous room for seven-figure pricing. The Hyper GT conveys that Czinger is not just building for track records. As details emerge about the Hyper GT, it'll become clear where the grand touring car lands within the market, and we can't wait to drive one.

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