COVID vaccines are 7,402% deadlier than all other vaccines combined, warns UK Medicine Regulator

COVID vaccines are 7,402% deadlier than all other vaccines combined, warns UK Medicine Regulator

The UK Medicine and Health Care Product Regulatory Agency (MHRA) released their latest Yellow Card Report, documenting the total number of reported deaths due to covid-19 vaccination from January 21 to July 22. During this nineteen-month period, the death total for the covid-19 vaccines was compared to the average number of deaths due to all other vaccines. The data show that COVID vaccines are 7,402 percent deadlier than all other vaccines combined. Historically, the COVID vaccines have caused 5.5 times as many deaths as all other licensed vaccines COMBINED over the past TWENTY-ONE YEARS! This pharmacovigilance system is not being monitored or taken seriously at all.

Freedom of Information request seeks answers from the MHRA

The MHRA did not come out and warn the public about all the injury and death that has occurred in the name of vaccination. The MHRA has been silent on the matter since the beginning of the COVID vaccine rollout. Trying not to create “vaccine-hesitancy,” the MHRA has refused to address the influx of medical issues caused by the vaccines. The MHRA has an ethical duty to stop the endless assault of spike protein bioweapons through the vaccine’s mRNA transcription process.

To address these serious issues, a man named Mr. Anderson filed a Freedom of Information request to the MHRA on August 6, 2021. The formal request asked the regulating agency to provide the total number of deaths from the covid-19 vaccines and the total number of deaths from all other vaccines prior to covid-19. The request also sought information on whether the covid-19 vaccines are still in trials, and whether or not an AI system is helping monitor the Yellow Card scheme. Finally, the request asked the MHRA “What cut off point will the MHRA say a vaccine or drug is unsafe for humans?”

COVID vaccines are 7,402% deadlier than all other vaccines combined, warns UK Medicine Regulator

MHRA reveals shocking data on COVID vaccine death statistics, but maintains that the vaccines are the “single most effective treatment”

When pressed, the MHRA confirmed that they use epidemiological studies, anonymized electronic health records from general practitioners to “proactively monitor safety alongside the spontaneous reports received via the Yellow Card scheme.”

The MHRA admitted that the Yellow Card Scheme received 404 reports of death following all available vaccines (excluding the COVID vaccines) over a time frame of 20 years and eight months. In contrast, there were a shocking 2,213 deaths in the first nineteen months of the covid vaccine rollout.

The data was also broken down per vaccine. There were 62 deaths associated with the Moderna vaccine, 808 associated with the Pfizer vaccine, and 1,294 associated with the AstraZeneca vaccine. (There were an additional 49 deaths non-specified.)

Even though the Yellow Card Scheme is exploding with safety signals and a tidal wave of adverse events, the MHRA arrogantly proclaims that the covid-19 vaccines are the “single most effective treatment for preventing serious illness due to Covid-19.”

The agency also mentioned that the covid-19 vaccines were not given full marketing authorization and are therefore temporarily authorized. In other words, the trials are currently being conducted on the population without any official proclamation. The MHRA confirmed that Pfizer/BioNTech, Oxford/AstraZeneca and Moderna vaccines were given temporary authorizations based on an expedited, rolling review. The vaccines were rolled out in the UK only because the World Health Organization and the UK government maintained “a public health emergency.”

In an official email response, the MHRA deflected Mr. Anderson’s questions about ending the covid-19 vaccine program. They stated, that the “MHRA does not hold complete information on timing of death or death statistics.” The MHRA deferred Mr. Anderson to the Office for National Statistics for further clarification. How useful is a pharmacovigilance system if its data is consistently ignored by the medical authorities? What good is a regulatory agency if government officials refuse to take responsibility for their continued dereliction of duty?

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