Corrupt Democrat Senator Warner Freaks Out Over Mar-a-Lago Raid Because His Actions May Be Included in Documents President Trump Declassified and Stolen by the FBI

Corrupt Democrat Senator Warner Freaks Out Over Mar-a-Lago Raid Because His Actions May Be Included in Documents President Trump Declassified and Stolen by the FBI

The corrupt actors running the US government are freaked out.  They were so threatened by President Trump’s release of documents related to their criminal acts in the Russiagate scandal that they raided the President’s home to steal these documents.  

The criminals in government are so frightened by the probably release of the documents related to Russiagate that they raided the President’s home to steal the documents.

Now corrupt and disgusting Senator Mark Warner from Virginia is pushing the sham that President Trump did something wrong.

Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Mark Warner (D-VA) said the Justice Department’s investigation into former President Donald Trump’s handling of classified records must move forward unimpeded, calling for a “damage assessment” of whether the former president’s conduct posed a national security threat.

But this is just more lies since President Trump had the right to declassify whatever he wanted to declassify and he has the right as president to decide what documents are his and what are the governments when he left office. 

President Trump did nothing wrong.  But Senator Warner did and he’s afraid America will find out. 

In February of 2018, TGP reported that corrupt Senator Warner secretly tried to hold a meeting with Christopher Steele from the Steele dossier.  FOX News reported at that time:

Sen. Mark Warner, the top Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee who has been leading a congressional investigation into President Trump’s alleged ties to Russia, had extensive contact last year with a lobbyist for a Russian oligarch who was offering Warner access to former British spy and dossier author Christopher Steele, according to text messages obtained exclusively by Fox News.

President Trump tweeted at the time:

“Wow! -Senator Mark Warner got caught having extensive contact with a lobbyist for a Russian oligarch. Warner did not want a “paper trail” on a “private” meeting (in London) he requested with Steele of fraudulent Dossier fame. All tied into Crooked Hillary.”

Then in December of 2018 we found out that at the time of President Trump’s Inauguration, Obama and his goons urgently attempted to provide documents related to the Russia collusion sham to Senators in DC.  Warner was one of the Senators receiving the documents.

In 2019 President Trump asked in a tweet if Senator Warner ever reported that he spoke to a Russian about Russiagate.  The President also asked if Warner’s actions with Mueller during the Russia hoax were legal.

We also know that Rosenstein created the Special Counsel investigation of President Trump related to Russiagate per a request from Senator Warner.

Yet, it was Senator Warner who was engaged with the Russians and whose actions were possibly criminal.

We also know that Warner made millions in 2012 from a Russian Tech business.

It was no wonder that Senator Warner freaked when President Trump asked his AG Bill Barr to declassify some Russiagate documents.

The problem for truth-loving Americans is we have never seen these documents.  Warner’s reactions to releasing these documents indicate he is very scared that he will be shown in his true light – as a corrupt and likely criminal politician.

Senator Warner is not a good person.  He’s not upright.  He’s a crooked and scared Deep State hack who is afraid his illicit ctions will soon come to light. 

Article by Joe Hoft republished from TheGatewayPundit)

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