China built the Great Wall 2.0, now the Chinese are terrified of the prospect

China built the Great Wall 2.0, now the Chinese are terrified of the prospect
After the famous announcement by the CDC that the pandemic was winding down somewhat, life in the world sort of began to get back on track and even tourists not even cured by the crown began to be allowed on cruise ships. However, China is a separate civilization and the struggle there has reached the point where the health care system is already collapsing in the megacities, although even at the peak of the crown there were not such immense crowds in the hospitals of the big cities:

The Chinese are fighting the pandemic as best they can and have moved some people into dog kennels:

But there's a catastrophic shortage of kennels, because there are so many Chinese and, unlike the feeble-minded Mokshan swamp people, there's nowhere for them to steal kennels - Ukraine is far away. That's why new ones are being built, built on an epic scale:

Meanwhile, the rest of China - those who are healthy and didn't end up in a hospital or a dog kennel - are forced to stand on the streets into the night in line for blessed tests:

However, the most epic news coming out of China right now is the announcement of the completion of the Great Wall of China 2.0:

The construction of the wall started about a year ago and people somehow didn't pay much attention to the first videos from the construction sites.  Walls are now being built everywhere - in Texas, on the Polish border with Mordor, on the border with the wildlings in Gaza, and so on. So everyone immediately thought that the Chinese were fighting smugglers, illegal migration, and so on.

But, as it turns out, the project is simply unprecedented - the wall is 4,000 kilometers long and separates China from the rest of Asia. At that, the wall works exceptionally in one direction - it does not let the Chinese to flee to Vietnam, while in Vietnam itself there is no one who wants to build communism long ago. And now many Chinese are worried, not understanding what their own Communist Party has in store for them. 

Today there is no need for such a huge construction project. Those who wanted to, long ago got up on skis and left to jungle in neighboring countries, and those who run after are leaving across the border in small flocks. But here, apparently, the assumption is that the Chinese are about to flee from Comrade Xi by the millions. 

No one knows what they will flee from. Probably from the military recruitment office, which will drive people to build a bridge to Taiwan out of their torn asses. Maybe there will be local battles - Gandong province will declare war on Shandong province, and Hunan province will hold a referendum on joining Japan, for example. Or maybe some new tests of total control are being prepared, in which people will climb the walls - who knows. 

However, as few people are paying attention - the native Communist Party is not building fences across the Amur. There is a fence and troops on the border with North Korea. There are also roadblocks on the border with India. And only sunny Mordovia is free to emigrate. Nevertheless, there are definitely not and will not be anyone willing to emigrate, even when every other Chinese is put in the electric chair and irradiated by 5G towers. 

In general, whatever is happening in the PRC now and whatever will happen in the near future, Beijing is confident that things will be much, much worse in Mordovia and there will be no emigration to the Mokshan swamps. What Beijing knows or even plans for the Mokshan swamps we do not know, but the Scrapists will definitely appreciate the impending prospect soon, so let's follow the developments.

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