California: 4-Year-Old Boy Removed From School by Police For Refusing to Wear Mask (VIDEO)

California: 4-Year-Old Boy Removed From School by Police For Refusing to Wear Mask (VIDEO)
Mountain View, California – A 4-year-old boy was removed from school by police after he refused to wear a face mask.

The boy’s father “Shawn” took his unmasked son to school on Thursday and recorded the principal demanding the child be removed from campus.

The video shows Theuerkauf Elementary School Principal Michelle Williams digging in her heels and asserting the boy needs to wear a face mask.

“I want him here, but it is our district’s policy that students have to wear a mask,” the principal said. “He is a lovely child. We are here to support and serve him.”

The boy runs past the principal and bolts to his classroom before being removed.

“I cannot keep spending time on this same issue… I’m going to have you removed from campus if you don’t leave at this time,” the principal said before a police officer was called to the scene.

Fox News reported:

The father of a 4-year-old California boy in transitional kindergarten said school officials called the police Thursday to boot his son from class over his refusal to adhere to a district mask policy.

The father, who is named Shawn and requested Fox News Digital not to use his last name, said he opposes the Mountain View Whisman School District mandate. The child, who is not being named, was in class Friday after the district relaxed the policy during a Thursday meeting.

“He basically looked like a PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder) victim,” Shawn told Fox News Digital about his son, who started transitional kindergarten last week in the San Francisco suburb. “He was inconsolable for about two hours.”

On Tuesday, Shawn’s attorney, Tracy Henderson sent Williams a cease and desist letter, saying the boy has been subjected to bullying, discrimination and harassment by district employees over the mask policy.

“It is time to let parents decide what is best for their children in relation to COVID,” according to the letter Henderson provided to Fox News Digital.

She said the boy begged not to wear a mask and was turned away at school during the first days of the school year last week. Fox News has reached out to the district.

On Thursday, the school board held a meeting where they discussed and relaxed the mask policy. Beginning Friday, the district would be moving toward a “masks optional” policy for students,” Superintendent Ayinde Rudolph said during the meeting.


(Article by Cristina Laila republished from TheGatewayPundit)

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