2023 Porsche 911 GT3 RS Has a Massive Wing and 518 HP

2023 Porsche 911 GT3 RS Has a Massive Wing and 518 HP

Following the 911 GT3, the RS model cranks up Porsche’s 911 to the next level with a series of motorsport-focused upgrades. The latest 911 variant adds major aero updates to the GT3, as well as revising the suspension and churning out more power. All of this is joined with an available Weissach package and the appropriate RS graphics you’d expect from Porsche’s monstrous road car.

Providing the power is a 4.0-liter naturally aspirated flat-six, similar to what you’d find in the pedestrian Porsche 911 GT3. But it sees a slight boost in output: 518 hp up from 502, enabled by new camshafts. Though, almost as important as the extra power, the 4.0-liter flat-six sticks with the individual throttle bodies from the base GT3. Mated to this engine is a seven-speed PDK transmission that feeds power to the rear wheels and features a shorter gear set, according to Porsche, which is likely responsible for the 0.2-second reduction to 60 mph from a dead stop compared to the GT3. For those out of the loop, that means the 2023 Porsche 911 GT3 RS sprints to 60 in only 3.0 seconds.

While the engine updates are nice, the aero package is the star attraction. The rear wing will probably add a ton of drag while you’re screaming down long straights of your local track, so Porsche added a drag reduction system as a countermeasure. Press a button, and the wing adjusts to let you slice through the air. The wing can also act as an airbrake at high speed.

The big rear wing isn’t the only slick piece of aero heading its way to the GT3 RS. This Porsche also sports a splitter in the front to help shift the air where it's needed, with sideblades further directing the air. Vents on the fenders help route air away from the wheel arches and better massage the air smashing around this Porsche.

The automaker took inspiration directly from its racing program and opted to use a single heat exchanger instead of three smaller heat exchangers as you’d find on other Porsche cars. This large radiator is now placed at the nose of the car, which is bad news if you wanted to stash your golf clubs there. Porsche did this because it had to free up space for the aerodynamic magic taking place at the rear.

Porsche gives the driver three drive modes, a controller for the rear differential, and the DRS button. The drive modes are Normal, Sport, and Track and control a ton of the car’s systems. Though, in Track mode, you can further hone your car’s setup by adjusting the suspension on both axles, separately.

If you’re wondering where the Weissach package is, don’t worry, we’re getting there. Porsche will make available both the Weissach package and the Clubsport package for the GT3 RS. Porsche says the Clubsport package is available for no extra cost and comes with a steel roll bar and a fire extinguisher. Unfortunately, it’s unlikely these will formally head to the US. The Weissach package is extra and comes with magnesium wheels, more carbon-fiber parts and magnetic paddle shifters.

Porsche will also sell you a special Tribute to Carrera RS package. Available exclusively in the US, this special edition of the GT3 RS looks back at the legendary Carrera RS 2.7. This package is still in development and is a live, collaborative package that relies on input from enthusiasts. But it’s safe to say the show car will likely reflect what we’ll see in the final package.

The base model 911 GT3 RS—if you want to call it that—will set you back $225,250 after destination charges and before any other fees or options. The Weissach package adds $33,520 to the bottom line, and it’s probably worth the extra cost for the additional pedigree alone. The Tribute to RS package doesn’t have a final price yet, but it’s going to be hard to imagine it being cheap.

(Article by Wesley Wren republished from autoweek.com)

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