11,200 farms in The Netherlands to be SHUTTERED in order to meet the government’s climate goals

11,200 farms in The Netherlands to be SHUTTERED in order to meet the government’s climate goals
By now, you have probably heard about the conflict in Europe over farm animals, which the globalist power lords claim are “warming” the planet and changing the climate with their flatulence – and thus have to be destroyed. Well, The Netherlands is already doing this with the planned destruction of some 11,200 farms, we are told.

Calculations done by the country’s finance ministry reveal that lots and lots of cattle will need to die in order to reduce nitrogen emissions – nitrogen being a natural gas in our atmosphere that, combined with oxygen, keeps us alive and thriving.

Without nitrogen, everyone and everything would die – and this includes all plant life, by the way. This is the globalist agenda, and it is rapidly taking shape in Western Europe where farmers protests are boiling over across the land.

One video – watch below – shows farmers dumping and spraying with liquid large piles of manure that were dropped in front of the entrance to a government building.

Other circulating videos show farmers blasting through the streets on tractors as large hordes of angry folks shout and wave signs in key areas of The Netherlands where climate-related decisions are made.

Globalism aims to destroy all individual countries and their ability to grow food

Despite being a tiny country, The Netherlands boasts some 54,000 farms. The country has long been an agricultural powerhouse, growing all sorts of valuable things including all kinds of food.

Agriculture is the sustenance of The Netherlands, which is why protests against the climate mandates are sprouting up all over the place. If the Dutch government is not stopped, then around one-fifth of all farms will be forced to close.

Overall, one-third of all Dutch farms will also have to scale back their operations to varying degrees, which will take a huge economic toll due to reduced output. All in all, the Dutch plan to phase out farming is cultural, social and economic suicide for the country.

Thousands upon thousands of farmers will be forced out of business as they lose their livelihoods and possibly even their lives. How will they make money once the climate is “safe” from animal warming? And more importantly, how will the Dutch and those who rely on Dutch food exports eat in a post-climate reduction world?

The fact that the globalists in power are doing this at a time when inflation is sky-high and shortages are everywhere just goes to show that their true agenda is depopulation and mass genocide. That is what the climate hoax is really all about.

“We need more food now, not less!” writes Peter Sweden for The Burning Platform. “The climate change fanatics are trying to bring us back to the Middle Ages.”

“The state is planning on forcing farmers to sell their farms to the state (buying them out). State sanctioned appropriation of farms and land. Now where have I heard about that kind of thing before … ? Oh yes, under communism. I told you that this is Climate Communism and that The Great Reset is just another word for Global Communism.”

Sweden is right, but will enough people take a stand to stop this from fully fleshing out according to the globalist agenda? In The Netherlands, the people are really putting up a fight right now. Will Americans do the same once the inevitable farm-ban-to-prevent-climate-change agenda comes here?

More of the latest news about the climate change hoax and the path towards a totalitarian world police state can be found at Climate.news.

(Article by Ethan Huff republished from Citizens.news)

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