UK government collapses as Boris Johnson resigns; push for proxy war in Ukraine suspected

UK government collapses as Boris Johnson resigns; push for proxy war in Ukraine suspected

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who ran as a conservative but governed like a left-wing globalist, resigned suddenly on Thursday, as the entire UK government collapsed.

“Johnson’s roughly three-year tenure ended in disarray after he threatened a standoff with his party and a possible general election following the resignation of 42 ministers who deemed his position ‘untenable.’ He says new leadership is ‘clearly now the will’ of Parliament,” Fox News reported.

“Johnson hopes to remain in a caretaker position as his Conservative Party elects a new prime minister, a process that may take roughly two months,” the report added.

“I have appointed a new cabinet who will serve, as I will, until a new leader is in place,” Johnson said in a statement. “When the herd instinct moves, it moves.”

Separately, Fox News noted:

The powerful backbencher 1922 Committee, which governs the Conservative Party rules and procedures, has decided to elect a new committee on Monday that will then look at changing rules to allow another “no-confidence vote” against Johnson after 43 ministers and aides resigned over revelations that the prime minister hired an accused sex offender to a senior role in government. 

Johnson initially denied reports that he had received a complaint that MP Chris Pincher allegedly groped guests at private gatherings over the past eight months – a man he later elevated to deputy chief whip. 

However, Lord Simon McDonald of Salford, the former head of the diplomatic services, said Johnson was made aware of the complaints, forcing Johnson to instead claim he “forgot.”  

“Mr Johnson was briefed in person about the initiative and outcome of the investigation. There was a ‘formal complaint’,” the former head of the diplomatic service said in a letter to Katherine Stone, the parliamentary standards commissioner, which is akin to the U.S. Congress’ ethics committee.

Eventually, the number of ministers who resigned, including some of those most loyal to the Tory leader, reached 50, signaling the end had come.

One insider told the UK’s Daily Mail: “Yesterday there were things that looked possible… but we’d tried everything. Thinking about things overnight and this morning it wasn’t possible.”

Some speculate that the British left will use the occasion to try and trash the Brexit movement and fight once more to rejoin the European Union. Others believe Johnson was forced out over his support for a proxy war in Ukraine against Russia.

The Daily Mail noted further:

Staff were less composed than the premier, and several were said to be ‘incredibly upset and in tears’ as he wrote his resignation speech that declared: ‘I want you to know how sad I am to be giving up the best job in the world, but them’s the breaks’.

Stringent allies of the Prime Minister, Jacob Rees-Mogg and Nadine Dorries, were pictured applauding the Tory leader as he was greeted by staff when he arrived back in No10.

“Before the speech you always want a few minutes by yourself,” one insider told the outlet regarding Johnson’s request for some alone time before announcing his resignation.

He won reelection less than three years ago in a landslide.

“It was a lovely speech, perfect and he got the tone just right,” one aide told the Daily Mail.

After his resignation speech, the outlet said that Johnson returned to No. 10 Downing Street, the official PM residence, and thanked all of the staff.

“He said a massive, massive thank you for all they have done over three years, and their massive achievements,” said one.

Johnson also noted during his speech that the country will be well-served by the next PM, whomever that will be.

“And my friends in politics, no one is remotely indispensable and our brilliant and Darwinian system will produce another leader, equally committed to taking this country forward through tough times,” he said.

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