TRUST YOURSELF: The preparedness actions you are taking right now will SAVE you from the horrific collapse that’s approaching

TRUST YOURSELF: The preparedness actions you are taking right now will SAVE you from the horrific collapse that’s approaching

The well prepared will survive the horrors that are being unleashed against humanity. Even as the oblivious, unprepared masses are exterminated by the billions, there will also be billions who survive the carnage, and those people will be among the most resilient and prepared — people who saw what was coming, planned ahead and took action to navigate the chaos.

If you’ve been following this website and podcast for very long, consider yourself among the most informed human beings on planet Earth. You’re probably among the most well-prepared, too, as you have the knowledge, wisdom and courage to see what’s coming and take the necessary steps to mitigate the worst effects.

Trust yourself.

Have confidence in your knowledge and faith in God. You are here in this moment of human history for a very important reason. God wants you to see this and be part of the great cosmic defeat of evil. Your role is extremely important, both in helping prepare others for what’s emerging right now and also in rebuilding America after the coming collapse of the empire.

Recognize how well off you are right now in terms of knowledge and preparedness action

While the uninformed, low-information masses took experimental vaccine jabs that will kill tens of millions, you learned how to grow food and began stockpiling extra food supplies to avoid the engineered mass starvation that’s being rolled out.

While the masses kept their fiat currency “savings” in banks, bonds and overpriced stocks, you sought out alternative systems of wealth preservation such as owning hard assets like gold, silver, land, vehicles, ammunition and real estate.

While the oblivious masses kept their minds glued to the disinformation propaganda media like CNN, NPR, WashPost and NYT, you deliberately sought out truthful, honest, independent information from the indy media. As a result, you are well informed and well prepared to understand and navigate what’s really happening in the world.

While the masses are confused and panicked as scarcity and inflation worsen, you have been expecting this so you don’t panic. Instead, you simply invoke the preparedness actions you’ve had ready far in advance of current events.

This is why people like you and I will survive what’s coming while the unprepared, uninformed, ignorant masses will be largely exterminated in the global depopulation purge of 2022 – 2030.

In today’s podcast, below, I give you a “Preparedness Self-Audit” checklist to help you confirm your readiness and wisdom in preparedness planning. This checklist will give you confidence and likely help you learn to trust yourself in knowing what to do next, because you are way ahead of the curve on all this. You are among the top 1% of the most informed and most prepared, and your survival is almost certainly assured as long as you follow your own plan and don’t let your guard down.

In today’s Situation Update podcast, I give you all the details on this and much more, including news coverage of the announcement that hematologists are ready to treat Americans for post-nuclear-war radiation poisoning at 74 centers across America. In addition, I reveal the name of the painter’s pigment powder that is recognized by the FDA as a treatment to remove radioactive cesium-137 isotopes from the human body.

Get all this and more in today’s Situation Update podcast via

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