The end of meat? Dutch “green” policies force dairy farmer to cull 95% of his herd

The end of meat? Dutch “green” policies force dairy farmer to cull 95% of his herd

New environmental regulations in The Netherlands threaten to decimate the country’s cattle industry.

One dairy farmer by the name of Martin Neppelenbroek says the government expects him to cull his herd by 95 percent, leaving him with too few head to survive.

“I can’t run a farm on five percent,” Neppelenbroek stated in a July 7 interview with The Epoch Times. (Related: Neppelenbroek’s plight is why thousands of Dutch farmers are protesting with their tractors.)

Neppelenbroek says the new “green” rules will probably force him to sell his family farm – that is, if anyone is willing to buy it.

“In view of the regulations, I can’t sell it to anybody,” he laments. “Nobody wants to buy it. [But] the government wants to buy it. And that’s why they [have] those regulations, I think.”

EpochTV‘s Roman Balmakov, host of “Facts Matter,” took a trip to The Netherlands recently to see for himself the situation. Then he spoke to Neppelenbroek about how the new rules are affecting his farm.

Dutch minister of nature and nitrogen policy Christianne van der Wal could seize property of farmers who don’t comply with herd depopulation demands

One very small silver lining in all this is that not every farm faces the same restrictions as Neppelenbroek’s. Others, depending on the situation, may be allowed to keep a larger percentage of their herd.

“People living further from areas protected under Natura 2000, a European Union (EU) agreement for species and habitat preservation, can own more cattle,” the Times reports.

“That’s because the Dutch government’s regulations on nitrogen oxides and ammonia emissions are tied to sites’ proximity to those protected areas.”

Even so, the new rules are ridiculous and unscientific. Mankind has been raising cattle since the beginning of time, without issue, but all of a sudden we are supposed to believe that most cows need to die in order to stop the planet from “warming?”

Even in an already “green” economy like the one The Netherlands currently has, citizens are starting to realize that the “climate change” narrative they have been fed throughout their lives is a ploy to eliminate meat, strangle the economy and ultimately depopulate their country and the world.

This is what is meant by a “great reset,” meaning large amounts of people will need to have their lives ended in order to “cool” the planet and make everything “sustainable.”

According to reports, Dutch farmers who refuse to comply with the new rules could see their property seized by Christianne van der Wal, the country’s minister of nature and nitrogen policy – a title that in and of itself is ridiculous.

“There is not a future for all [Dutch] farmers,” warned the Dutch government.

Neppelenbroek’s 70-acre-plus property is currently home to just 130 milking cows. It has been in his family for half a century, but is now slated for destruction at the hands of the greenies.

“I’m the second generation,” he says.

Keep in mind that The Netherlands, despite its relatively small size, is a major producer of food and other agricultural products. The country is currently one of the world’s top 10 food exporters, having ideal climate conditions for a variety of agricultural outputs.

“It’s a delta, and the climate is not too hot, not too cold,” Neppelenbroek says. “It’s an ideal place to grow.”

“You can’t blame just one small group in your country for polluting the environment,” he adds, referring to farmers who are merely doing something that farmers have been doing for thousands of years: growing and raising food for human consumption.

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