The Ben Armstrong Show: Humanity has only a few months of freedom left

The Ben Armstrong Show: Humanity has only a few months of freedom left

Podcast host Ben Armstrong warned his viewers that humanity has only a few months of freedom left.

He cited well-known author Dr. Vernon Coleman, who said in a June 29 article on his personal website that humanity has six months of freedom left. “In April 2022, I made a video in which I predicted that we had eight months of freedom left. I stand by the timing,” Coleman wrote. “We now have six months left – and that takes us until Christmas 2022.”

Armstrong said he believes Coleman because the globalists are moving fast to push their agenda about the human race.

“The globalists don’t believe in freedom. They believe in slavery and enslaving everybody as long as they who have power have freedom from God,” Armstrong said during a recent episode of “The Ben Armstrong Show.” (Related: Elana Freeland tells Dan Happel: Global elites want people to be machines and slaves – Brighteon.TV.)

Armstrong pointed out that the globalists really want a totalitarian state and that they don’t like freedom. “The globalists and the so-called liberals love and admire China because of communism,” he said.

The globalists, according to Armstrong, hate the fact that people believe in God.

“The belief in God and the God’s laws and 10 commandments in the Bible and Christianity make them quake. They don’t want to believe that they have to stand before a God when they can live selfishly and live as selfish as they want. And it’s all about selfishness,” Armstrong said.

“Christianity will teach you not to live as a selfish person, but to put others before you. But that’s not how globalists live. They live selfishly and they know they don’t live the way God has instructed man to live. So freedom to them is freedom from God.”

Armstrong added that the globalists want to eradicate Christians because believers in God are a reminder that they are going to stand before God during Judgment Day. He also remarked that aside from freedom from God, the globalists want freedom from Christians and God’s Word.

Armstrong stated that freedom from God enslaves people to sin because sin is slavery. “Anything that is anti-God such as sexual addiction and homosexuality will enslave people and only God frees people from such slavery,” he said.

The host played a video clip of Coleman saying the Great Reset is no longer just a nightmare and that people are already living within an oppressive, restrictive and full communist society based on digital control and progressing rapidly toward a complete lack of individuality and freedom.

In the clip, Coleman mentioned that the Great Reset is much further along than most people realize and everything that is happening during the past two years – from the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the sanctions against Russia and the transgender controversy – is part of the plan leading the world into the biggest recession since the 1930s.

New World Order is already here

Coleman said the New World Order is already here and people are living in it. He added that things are going to be far worse in the coming months because the world is already in the kill phase of the Great Reset.

Decisions are being made by, or according to the demands of, a small group of lobbyists and cultists who had been manipulated into representing the interests of the conspirators.

According to Coleman, some people have not looked at the big picture and don’t realize that all the bad things that are happening in the last few years are all connected. He noted that the COVID-19 pandemic, the global warming hysteria, the manipulated war against Russia, the deliberate destruction of the global economy and the inflation are all linked.

“People have been naïve, unquestioning and too ready to believe what the corrupt mainstream media has been telling them. And those who are telling the truth about what is truly happening had been demonized, lied about, censored, suppressed and effectively silenced by the mainstream media,” he noted.

Armstrong pointed out that the school system is doing the globalists a favor by “teaching students to be brainwashed and not to think because there are experts out there that they should listen to.”

But there’s still time. Many things can happen before Christmas.

However, Armstrong pointed out, people need to quickly understand that evil exists and that there are people who are capable of doing the vilest things that others would never even think of.

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