Tensions escalate as Dutch farmers protest after police discharged firearms over “threatening situation”


Tensions escalate as Dutch farmers protest after police discharged firearms over “threatening situation”

A protest that took place in the Dutch city of Heerenveen saw gunfire after police officers on site fired “targeted shots” over a “threatening situation.”

Several protestors on tractors, we are told, drove into a crowd of officers and their cars. The cops issued warning shots before firing at the tractors, hitting one of them.

Three people were arrested, and because the officers discharged their weapons there will now be an investigation by the National Criminal Investigation Department (NCID) – watch below:

As the situation escalates, MP Caroline van der Plas of tbe BoerBurgerBeweging wants to hold an emergency debate with Prime Minister Rutte, who is responsible for issuing the new restrictions that sparked the protests.

“Have seen the images of shots fired at #boeren in Friesland. I have been warning against escalating protests for some time now,” van der Plas tweeted.

“On Wednesday I want an emergency debate about this with the Prime Minister and the Minister of J&V. This is going wrong, I said last week.”

Dutch farmers, fishermen take their protest to the people, showing them what a world without food looks like

In case you missed it, The Netherlands is mandating that its farmers cut their nitrogen emissions by anywhere from 50-95 percent, depending on their location. The only way to do this, though, is to shut down farms and kill off cattle.

In protest, thousands of farmers from all across the country converged on The Hague and other key cities to make their voices heard. Some flung manure on government buildings while others paraded banners with messages such as “Our farmers, our future.”

The farmers are not just going after their corrupt government, though. They are also going to the people with demonstrations aimed at getting them to think about what their lives will become without farmers.

Many Dutch people probably do not know yet what the new emissions requirements will do to their country’s food supply and economy at large. Once it is fully implemented next year, it will be game over for the country.

In solidarity with the farmers, some of whom are blocking supermarkets and showing people what empty, foodless stores look like, fishermen are reportedly blocking harbors as well.

“Supermarkets do everything they can to keep the stores stocked, but if blockades continue, it could lead to people not being able to do their daily shopping,” said the Central Bureau for Food Trade in a statement.

As tractors crawl along the highways all across The Netherlands, authorities are warning that drivers might want to stay off the roads to avoid getting stuck.

Unlike in the United States where every major issue like this becomes a political fight between “red” and “blue,” which is by design, these protests in The Netherlands are being joined by people of all political persuasions. They recognize that everyone needs food, and that destroying livestock and killing farms means destroying the entire country.

At one protest that police tried to infiltrate as undercover protesters, real protesters caught and chased them away. Another, however, saw undercover police successfully infiltrate and arrest numerous protesters.

“I don’t think this would go over well with the global community,” someone tweeted about that incident. “This is something they accuse dictators of … but this happened in The Netherlands.”

In the comment section at Zero Hedge, someone wrote that things are about to get even worse once Russia turns off gas flow to The Netherlands, which is controlled by people who refuse to play ball with Russia following its invasion of Ukraine.

The latest news about the engineered demolition of the global economy can be found at Collapse.news.

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