Steve Quayle tells Mike Adams: Truth about ancient aliens will remain hidden from humanity

Steve Quayle tells Mike Adams: Truth about ancient aliens will remain hidden from humanity

Author, filmmaker and radio show host Steve Quayle believes that there are people out there who are trying to hide the truth about ancient aliens and their connection to humanity.

“The bottom line is they will discredit the truth. They will discredit the truth-tellers. They will do everything they can to steal the narrative. The entire UAP [unidentified aerial phenomena] presentation before Congress was nothing but a bunch of horsefly manure. And the thing is that there are in excess of two million files I’m told by insiders that exist on the whole alien UFO [unidentified flying object] phenomenon. Two million, not 1,500 pages,” Quayle told host Mike Adams during the June 29 episode of “Brighteon Conversations.”

Quayle and his team have unearthed artifacts in Mexico, which will be shown in a documentary titled “The Egyptian and Alien Connection in the Americas.” Adams noted that the artifacts are thousands of years old.

The founder and editor of believes aliens exist and have visited the planet long before modern history. Now, some people are trying to use that fact to their advantage.

“Information about aliens has been allowed to leak out into the public consciousness by globalists as an effort to try to enslave humanity by claiming that people must join together to resist a possible alien takeover,” Adams said.

Quayle agreed. “The globalists are going to play the alien savior card,” he said.

The former editor and publisher of Survival Quest mentioned that his expedition team in Mexico found tens of thousands of artifacts using ground-penetrating radar. He added that what they unearthed were artifacts that go back 6,000 years.

Quayle related that the astonishing artifacts and relics were identified as Egyptian and they turned up everything from pyramids and serpent staffs with human DNA on them.

Smithsonian is gatekeeper that alters humanity’s knowledge of real history

Elsewhere in the program, Adams talked about the Smithsonian, which he said is the gatekeeper that is altering humanity’s knowledge of its real history and its real contact with ancient aliens. “The Smithsonian is like the Ministry of Truth of archaeology, which is trying to reshape and selectively censor all the kinds of history they don’t want people to know about,” he said.

The Brighteon.TV founder cited the ancient Egyptian history as an example, with the origins of the Giza Pyramids and the Sphinx being censored and completely covered up by the Smithsonian and the so-called science institutions.

According to Adams, science deception has been going on in archaeology and geology for a long time.

Quayle is fully aware that people will also try to discredit what they have unearthed. But it won’t deter him to tell the truth.

Their expeditions have turned up 38 different species of aliens with some of them absolutely looking like those from the “Alien” movie. Quayle explained that many Hollywood movies that people see as science fiction are actually science fact.

The filmmaker and author said there was a time when no science fiction movie could get made without passing through the intelligence sensors.

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Watch the video below to know more about the artifacts and relics discovered by the team of Steve Quayle.

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