John Kerry Says It’s Time to Go Into Overdrive and “Accelerate” the Transition to Green Energy (VIDEO)

Biden’s Climate Envoy John Kerry said it’s time to go into overdrive and “accelerate” the transition to green energy.

John Kerry visited Warsaw, Poland last week and met with Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki to discuss climate change.

Kerry bragged about riding through Warsaw in an electric bus as he praised the Prime Minister for producing 40% of Europe’s electric buses.

John Kerry said every country has to collectively reduce emissions.

“No one country can solve this problem by itself. We all have to reduce emissions. we have to accelerate the transition,” Kerry said. “We’re behind. We’re not yet fulfilling the promises we made in Glasgow so we have our work cut out for us.”


Last month John Kerry said the US needs to transition to “green shipping.”

Kerry made the remarks at the UN Ocean Conference in Lisbon, Portugal.

“The environment and climate don’t suddenly stop because of an invasion. Lives are at stake, and our ocean touches every single aspect of our lives, from the air we breathe to the food we eat,” Kerry said referencing Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

“The ocean is a source of climate solutions and they can help keep the 1.5 degrees target alive,” Kerry said. “We need to spur the transition to green shipping. If shipping were a nation, shipping would be the eighth largest emitter in the world.”

John Kerry is the perfect person to be in charge of reducing carbon emissions since he owns several mansions, a mega yacht and flies in private jets.

John Kerry Says It’s Time to Go Into Overdrive and “Accelerate” the Transition to Green Energy (VIDEO)

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