INSANITY: Dutch climate activist supports government seizing farmlands

INSANITY: Dutch climate activist supports government seizing farmlands

host Harrison Smith touched on a video of a climate activist in the Netherlands supporting Amsterdam’s plan to seize farmlands in a recent edition of “The American Journal.”

The footage Smith played on his program featured a female Dutch climate activist, who told the man interviewing her: “You have to get rid of all those big farms to save the climate.”

The interviewer pressed on, asking her what would the farmers do if the government seizes their lands.

“These are farmers who have [held] farmland in their families for generations, and now [men] in suits [are] basically coming to [their] door, telling them ‘No more farming’. Why should this happen? Why should they just give it up?”

“I worked as a nurse, and I was without a job because they had too many nurses,” replied the activist.

Harrison did not hide his disgust over the exchange, and condemned the climate activist for supporting Amsterdam and its plans to punish farmers “for daring to protest the destruction of their livelihood.”

“How [are farms] destroying the planet? Because nitrogen? OK, the most common substance in the known universe and on Earth is just nitrogen – but we have to stop it.”

The InfoWars host also slammed the absurdity of climate activists such as the Dutch woman attacking nitrogen, even though other activities cause far worse destruction.

“It’s not the massive ships plying multiple times across the ocean dumping their sewage into the water. It’s not the huge fish nets just gathering up millions of fish, dolphins and whales. It’s not the deforestation. It’s the farms, the cows and the farts they make that’s the real issue here,” he said sarcastically.

Furthermore, Smith blasted the attack on farms as a decision that would impact the world’s already-crippled food supply. He remarked: “The obvious question would be ‘Where do you plan on getting food then, lady?'”

“It reminds me of the lady … [who] went into the hunting store in Colorado [and asked] ‘Why do you have to go kill deer? You should get meat from the store where it comes from.’ Where do you think it was before the store?”

Crazy activist among the elites’ useful idiots

“It’s a war between the people and the elite,” said Harrison. “The farmers don’t want this, but Klaus Schwab wants it.”

“But there’s a large contingent of behind-the-scenes agitators – who are the traitors, the quislings [and] the useful idiots for the elite – [saying] things like ‘We’ve got to get rid of the farms to save the planet.”

Harrison remarked that in the current war, there is “humanity who’s tuned in and awake” fighting against “the elites [who are] trying to crush them.” The agitators and useful idiots in the middle, he added, “should just shut up and go away because they’re not helping anybody.”

True enough, Dutch farmers themselves already began pushing back against Amsterdam’s plans to seize their land. In the northern province of Friesland, farmers rode their tractors in protest – forcing a barricade of police officers and vehicles out of the way. However, the protest culminated with the armed police shooting at one tractor, resulting in the arrest of three individuals.

Smith added that farmers have also begun gathering in front of the Dutch Senate building at the Hague, with civilian cars joining the farmers’ blockade of tractors. (Related: Farmers across EU rise up against tyrannical “green” mandates that threaten food supply.)

“The Dutch farmer protest is continuing [and] it’s only getting stronger. [They are] now blocking government buildings as more and more citizens get involved. Regular consumers are actually showing solidarity with the farmers.”

Visit for more stories about government proposals to seize farmland in the name of climate justice.

Watch this segment of “The American Journal” with Harrison Smith below.

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