Health Ranger Report: Post-vaccine clots taken from deceased individuals contain surprising amounts of metals

Health Ranger Report: Post-vaccine clots taken from deceased individuals contain surprising amounts of metals

The Health Ranger Mike Adams shared with Dr. Jane Ruby that the post-vaccine clots taken from deceased individuals contain detrimental amounts of metals.

During a recent episode of the “Health Ranger Report,” Adams said they ran the clots through an inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer (ICP-MS), which is an elemental analysis instrument that uses a plasma torch and tears apart all the molecules. Then it counts the individual elements.

“Elemental analysis of the magnesium, potassium, iron, copper, zinc, aluminum and so on, shows that these clots are absolutely not made of blood. They attracted certain types of elements such as tin, sodium and aluminum more than blood would have.”

Adams said there are traceable amounts of metals, such as lead and cadmium, in everybody’s blood, but the ICP-MS lab results indicate that the concentration of carbon elements in these clots is 152,000 parts per million – which is more than the concentration of carbon in human blood.

“So for whatever reason, this is a carbon-rich structure. We can also point to prions that are non-living self-assembling folded proteins that can appear to grow because they’re affecting the folding of the proteins next to them. So, there can be structures that increase in size,” Adams added.

Ruby agreed, adding that Dr. Philippe Van Welbergen has also observed it under the microscope.

“And we’ve seen other videos in social media, where these little round graphene pieces kind of have a self magnetic force with each other. And they, if you put them all in a petri dish, they sort of eventually roll around and attract and they get in, they become one piece. So there’s this sort of propensity of graphene to do that,” she said.

Ruby was the first to expose in her shows the rubbery white clots, thanks to whistleblower and board-certified embalmer Richard Hirschman. (Related: Dr. Jane Ruby: Two new stunning discoveries found in blood clots from the COVID vaccinated – Brighteon.TV.)

“Graphene is primarily made of carbon. And so carbon is what we’re seeing in a higher concentration in the clots compared to human blood,” Adams explained.

He added that the clot accumulated a little bit higher level of aluminum, a higher level of about 50 percent of sodium, and almost 400 percent or six or seven times higher levels of tin. Adams noted that many of these elements are conductive like tin and used in soldering circuits.

Adams further said magnesium is very low in the clots, but very high in the blood. In the clot, the magnesium level is 20 times lower.

“Why is this clot structure seemingly self-assembling and accumulating the metals that it wants like tin, aluminum, sodium, but avoiding elements that it does not want such as magnesium?” Adams asked.

Ruby said: “These diabolical designers, whether it’s the pharmaceutical companies or the DoD [Department of Defense] above them, whatever it is, they know this. They’ve put this in here for reasons that we haven’t quite figured out yet.”

Adams admitted that they still don’t know what the white fibrous clots really are. “But we are step by step eliminating what it isn’t. That’s the scientific process,” he said.

The clots were sent to Adams, who owns a laboratory, for further scrutiny. Adams’ ISO-accredited laboratory is audited and inspected and passed proficiency tests. Findings in his lab can be entered into a court of law and accepted as evidence.

Clots may be programmed to pull things that are harmful to humans

Finding out that the clots are not blood doesn’t solve the mystery. For some reason, the clots are collecting tin. “They may be programmed to pull certain things,” Ruby said.

According to Adams, there is actually a measurable amount of tin in human blood and people get some amounts of it from canned food. There’s an inner enamel type of lining inside the can, especially in tomato products, to reduce the acidic environment so that the food can last longer.

There’s also tin in tableware, like metal spoons and forks. “So if you’re eating something acidic, like a tomato-based pasta, and you’re using a fork, what’s happening is there’s a little bit of the tin coming off of that fork with every bite that you take,” Adams said.

His team also did an ICP-MS analysis on aluminum foil and found that aluminum foil is contaminated with many metals, including lead, cadmium and tin.

“And we also found that the recycled aluminum foil was much higher in the heavy metals contaminants compared to virgin fresh raw aluminum foil. So if you’re buying recycled aluminum foil, and you’re baking a lasagna dish in the aluminum foil, you are getting sort of heavy metals contaminated pasta sauce,” Adams said.

There are also trace amounts in the soil, but it’s not a lot. Most of the tin that’s in the environment is from human pollution. “Like we mined it up and use it in industry and then let it into the air and into the water and everything. That’s where it’s coming from,” Adams said.

Thus, the clot may be programmed to pull things that are harmful to humans.

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Watch the full segment of the “Health Ranger Report” below.

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