Families Brawl At Disney World As The Company Brand Decays

It seems like Disney has been deliberately chasing controversy the past couple of years.  Leaks of management video conferences have shown the company to be widely engaged in distributing woke propaganda through its entertainment media.  They openly opposed Florida's anti-grooming bill which prevented teachers from engaging in sexualized discussions with young children.  And, a majority of their box office movies and streaming content has fallen flat in terms of audience numbers and revenues

Families Brawl At Disney World As The Company Brand Decays

Disney's stock has plunged by around 30% in the past six months, and the company is now heavily relying on cash from the theme parks to keep itself afloat.  Public sentiment towards Disney is in steep decline according to polls, and this is likely due to far-left ideology being injected into every facet of the conglomerate.  That said, there is also an increasing number of incidents of violence at the parks as well as negative encounters with employees.  

The latest event involved a big brawl between two families at Disney World, apparently over a woman leaving an attraction line and then returning to her family.  This set off the chaos in the video below:

Some of the guests have now been arrested and banned from the park, but only after the fight went unimpeded and security was nowhere to be seen.  This is just one among a host of incidents that have ruined the image of a company which once relied entirely on family friendly, non-confrontational and non-political fun.  This doesn't look like much fun, but many might find it funny to watch Disney implode.

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