Bill Gates-Backed Frontrunner For UK Prime Minister Is Banging The Ukraine War Drum

Bill Gates-Backed Frontrunner For UK Prime Minister Is Banging The Ukraine War Drum

The Bill Gates-backed frontrunner for UK Prime Minister is more focused on banging the war drum on Ukraine as her rivals are instead promise curbs on immigration and tax cuts for the British people.

Penny Mordaunt who is in the race to become Britain’s next Prime Minister, has decided to push for further support for Ukrainian war efforts against Russia.

Breitbart reports: In a comment article published in The Telegraph on Saturday evening, Mordaunt said that supporting Ukraine in the ongoing conflict is “the right thing to do”, touting her brief stint as Defence Secretary — she lost the post after less than three months — as giving her perspective on how the world has “become a more dangerous place over the last decade”.

The Tory leader candidate — who wrote a book that received a fawning forward from infamous tech billionaire Bill Gates and praise from Tony Blair — also took the opportunity to brag about taking one refugee into her own private property.

“Like thousands of others, I have welcomed a Ukrainian refugee into my own home in recent months,” Mordaunt said. “For me, a steadfast and unwavering commitment isn’t just political it is also personal.”

Mordaunt’s approach to wooing the Conservative Party membership is strikingly dissimilar to the approach of other candidates, who have largely seemed to stick with promising policies that directly benefit Britons, rather than making pledges on foreign conflicts.

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