Baffling: Sixth Canadian Doctor Dies Suddenly and Unexpected In Last 2 Weeks

Baffling: Sixth Canadian Doctor Dies Suddenly and Unexpected In Last 2 Weeks

Six young Canadian doctors have died suddenly and unexpected in the last two weeks – and the authorities are baffled.

Dr. James E. Olsson shared the news about his colleague’s deaths on Twitter.

Three young doctors at Canada’s Trillium Health Partners-Mississauga Hospital died suddenly and unexpectedly in the same week. The causes of death for the three doctors have yet to be announced, however the hospital has already stated their deaths have nothing to do with the fourth Covid shot they all received this week.

The names and dates of death of the six doctors are as follows:

Dr. Paul Hannam, July 16 Dr. Lorne Segall, July 17 Dr. Stephen McKenzie, July 18 Dr. Jakub Sawicki, July 19 Dr. Shariar Jalali Mazlouman, July 23 Dr. Candace Nayman, July 28.

Athletes and doctors are dropping like flies and nobody is allowed to talk about it. The establishment has major problems explaining the massive increase in cardiovascular disease since the Covid vaccines were unleashed on the world.

Corporation-controlled media outlets, including some “conservatives,” blame everything from fluctuating weather patterns and daylight saving time to watching too much television and even too much sex.

Suddenly, all the normal things humans have been doing for eternity magically cause otherwise healthy people to have a heart attack or stroke, something that never happened before Operation Warp Speed.

Take a look at Anthony Fauci in 1999 explaining why the authorities did not want to roll out a rapidly developed vaccine to the masses.

In 2021 the authorities did exactly what Fauci warned against in 1999.

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