ANALYSIS: America won’t be able to keep its troops armed for more than a few weeks during war

ANALYSIS: America won’t be able to keep its troops armed for more than a few weeks during war

The United States is unlikely to survive more than a few weeks of heavy warfare against another industrialized power.

In a recent episode of “Health Ranger Report,” Mike Adams pointed out that the U.S. isn’t even able to properly arm its ally Ukraine in its ongoing war against Russia.

Adams further noted that the war in Ukraine, while the biggest war Europe has seen in nearly a century, is really just a small-scale operation. “It was a special military operation from the beginning. I wouldn’t even call it a war … not yet, anyway,” said Adams. “Maybe it’s going that direction, but the question is, can the United States even sustain a war?”

To support his arguments, Adams cited an article by retired Lt. Col. Alex Vershinin published on the website of the Royal United Services Institute, a think tank focusing on issues of defense and international security.

In the article, titled “The Return of Industrial Warfare,” Vershinin argued that the scale of combat in Ukraine shows that the West, and America in particular, needs the kind of industrial capacity it had during World War II to still be called the “arsenal of democracy.”

“The effort to arm, feed and supply these armies is a monumental task,” wrote Vershinin.

Vershinin pointed out that the winner in a prolonged war between two or more powers of relatively equal strength is the side with the stronger industrial base. This means a country needs to have the manufacturing capacity to produce enough weapons, ammunition and heavier military hardware, or otherwise have manufacturing industries that can be used in the war effort.

“Unfortunately, the West no longer seems to have either,” wrote Vershinin.

America doesn’t produce enough weapons or ammo to wage war

In an analysis of American weapons production, Vershinin noted that America would run out of ammo for its artillery guns within 10 days to two weeks, or maybe three weeks if stockpiles were rationed, if the country were to enter a war in which it would use relatively the same number of artillery rounds used by Russia in Ukraine.

Vershinin’s assessment of America’s wartime production capabilities, unfortunately, doesn’t end with artillery ammunition. Everything from the production of man-portable anti-tank missiles and air defense systems to the production of massive ballistic and cruise missiles shows that the U.S. is severely lacking compared to states of relatively equal strength like Russia.

“The bottom line is, the United States can’t wage war any longer because the industrial base of America has been, well, wiped out over the last few decades,” said Adams. “This isn’t World War II, where the U.S. was the industrial center of the world. No, this is America that has outsourced everything to China or Mexico or Korea or somewhere else. The U.S. barely makes anything, and it certainly doesn’t make enough weapons.”

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Watch this episode of the “Health Ranger Report” as Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, goes into detail about how the U.S. can’t sustain any kind of large-scale war for more than a few weeks.

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