Alex Jones: New World Order’s main agenda is clearly DEPOPULATION

Alex Jones: New World Order’s main agenda is clearly DEPOPULATION

 founder Alex Jones slammed the globalists’ New World Order (NWO) agenda, calling for a global red alert amid various events happening worldwide.

“This is the NWO takeover. This is world depopulation. This is World War 1,000, extinction, rebellion and depopulation,” he said. “They’re burning and blowing up the farms and processing plants. They’re poisoning the cows and crops on purpose.”

“The carrying capacity of the civilization of Earth is being pulled out from under us. The rug is being pulled out from under us right now,” Jones remarked. He added that the NWO is aimed at wiping out humanity by deliberately starving people.

To bolster his argument that the collapse is clearly imminent, Jones revealed that he talked with a major national supplier to grocery stores. This supplier divulged that there will be no more supply of coffee and other grocery items by November.

“All coffee supplies will be exhausted. Bill Gates and others have cornered the market and have been hoarding it. Not to mention apples and the list go on and on. It is just unbelievable what they’re about to do to us. If we don’t have a nuclear war in the next six months, we can count our lucky stars,” he said.

Jones also pointed to the ongoing war in Ukraine as a catalyst for the NWO agenda, zeroing in on a warning by Russia directed to the U.S. and its Western allies.

During an April 2022 interview, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov reiterated that if the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) continues arming Ukraine, the possibility of the war escalating into a nuclear conflict “should not be underestimated.” He also mentioned that NATO member nations continuing to provide weapons to Kyiv were “pouring oil on the fire” and “risking World War III.”

Jones exposes mass deaths at the Texas-Mexico border

The InfoWars founder also exposed the mass deaths that occurred at the southern border, even as the current administration and mainstream media were downplaying the globalists’ depopulation agenda.

“Our Border Patrol and our sheriffs cried: SOS, red alert, emergency as thousands of homicides happen a month on the border alone. Decapitated bodies are hanging everywhere, children and babies murdered and 18-wheelers full of dead people,” he said.

He referenced a study put out by the United Nations that attested to these findings. The paper, written by the International Organization for Migration’s Missing Migrants Project (MMP), revealed that the land border between the U.S. and Mexico is twice as dangerous as U.S.-Caribbean sea routes.

The study said at least 728 migrants have died attempting to cross the border into the U.S. from Mexico, an increase of 52 percent from the figures recorded in 2020. This figure, it added, are likely underreported as an unknown number of dead migrants are never found or reported as missing.

“Our data shows the growing crisis of deaths during migration in the region, and the need to strengthen the forensic capacity of the authorities to identify deaths on these routes,” explained Edwin Viales, the lead author of the study.

“We cannot forget that every single number is a human being with a family who may never know what happened to them.”

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Watch the full segment of “The Alex Jones Show” discussing the globalist depopulation plan below.

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