Whoopi Goldberg Thinks The AR15 Should Be Banned Because It 'Turns People To Dust'

If you want to find some of the dumbest political hot takes of the past five years, you only need to have a strong stomach and the patience to sit through the numerous uneducated discussions of the clucking flock on The View.

Whoopi Goldberg continues this winning tradition (The View's audience numbers tanked this year and it remains 10th among women 18-49 in daytime television) with her recent comments on gun control, arguing in favor of criminal arrest for Americans that own AR15s that refuse to give them up. When pressed on the fact that gun crimes could just as easily be committed with pistols during a largely one sided debate against her co-host, Goldberg argued that handguns “don't turn people to dust.”

Neither do AR15s, but lets not bring reality into a debate that was broadcast on The View. Injury and death is just as likely from a handgun as it is from an AR15. You are also more likely to find expanding hollow point ammo used in a pistol. The primary difference is that a pistol's range is limited, usually to 50 yards or less. This makes little difference though, as most shooting events and crimes occur within 50 yards anyway, and this includes shootings where rifles are involved.

Whether or not this was hyperbole, the insane misconceptions put out into the mainstream by anti-2nd Amendment activists falls in line with a long series of lies and gaffes uttered by Joe Biden and other Democrats. If you don't know anything about the weapons you are trying to ban, then maybe you shouldn't be trying to ban them?

The fact is, the vast majority of gun crimes and gun related homicides are committed with handguns according to FBI stats; only 2%-3% of crimes and homicides are committed using rifles or “assault rifles” on average. The claim that the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban had any bearing on the overall decline in gun crime in the 1990s is false – The largest decline was in handgun homicides, and handguns were not subject to the 1994 ban.

Goldberg's assertion that gun rights advocates should compromise and allow the banning of this “one gun” is naive; gun grabbers will never be satisfied with limited gun control, only total gun confiscation (at least among the poor and the people that oppose them politically). Say what you want about Beto O'Rourke, but his big mouth is valuable in that he often lets slip what the real agenda on gun control is.

Goldberg then goes on to suggest that people can “report” AR15 owners and have them arrested, saying the solution is “simple” and compared this to reporting and arresting women who abort their babies in states where abortion is banned. Interesting how the political left is rabidly in favor of killing people in the womb despite numerous other birth control options, but wants to strip all law abiding citizens of their rights whenever people die from gun related homicides.

The question for Goldberg and any other anti-gun rights mouthpiece is this: Are YOU going to go collect the guns you deem criminal? Are you operating on the assumption that Americans are going to willingly give up those guns? The authoritarian solution might not be as “easy” as you think it is.

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