WHO attempts to take control of future plandemics in a “totalitarian power grab” move

WHO attempts to take control of future plandemics in a “totalitarian power grab” move

The World Health Organization has stated that it has been planning since January, together with the United States government, to become a “dictatorship of global health,” as described by Peter Breggin, MD, in his show, “Refounding America.”

In January, the Department of Health and Human Services sent in amendments to the WHO amid ongoing fanfare about how it should empower people to come more strongly to the forefront of the next pandemic or in any other kind of health threat.

Some of the amendments stuck out in terms of control and the role of the WHO in a global health scale, where it will no longer need the permission of any of its member countries to announce a potential or existing global health crisis.

Following minor changes to the International Health Regulations, member governments are working on new, far-reaching amendments to the global rules, which will be submitted in September. At the same time, WHO leaders and governments are also going to develop a new International Pandemic Treaty, which is still being drafted but is expected to hand vast new powers to the WHO if approved.

As per the U.S. State Department, the treaty and the amendments being negotiated are aimed at empowering the WHO to fight global health crises such as pandemics.

U.S. lawmakers at the state and federal levels are also pushing back hard, with experts saying that the WHO’s ultimate goal is to impose “medical tyranny” and not to protect health.

Francis Boyle, professor of international law at the University of Illinois, said this move is “just another major totalitarian power grab by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), the WHO, Bill Gates, Big Pharma, the biowarfare industry, the People’s Republic of China and others to impose their medical tyranny upon the human race.”

In a separate interview, Boyle also called the WHO a “criminal organization,” saying that it is “completely rotten, corrupt, and despicable” and he urged strongly against giving the organization any more power or money.

Boyle has worked on numerous high-profile cases in his career and argued that leading WHO officials should be considered for potential prosecution for crimes against humanity.

Among his concerns include the WHO’s sponsorship of China’s Wuhan Institute of Virology, which many believe is the source of the COVID-19 outbreak that caused the pandemic. Another is the agency’s role in promoting COVID-19 vaccines, which Boyle called “dangerous Frankenshots.”

Killing off treaty in infancy

He is now calling on U.S. senators to join forces against the WHO’s plan, urging them to create and circulate a letter that indicates they intend to reject any new WHO pandemic treaties that may come before them for ratification so that they might kill off the treaty in its infancy stage before the WHO can even begin to consider it.

Without much media coverage, the WHO member states met in Geneva at the end of May to discuss major changes to the IHR.

The CDC describes the IHR to be “legally binding,” with the global health rules playing a major role in coordinated worldwide response to the pandemic.

Despite being focused on health issues, the world has argued that other events such as climate change, gun violence and racism all constitute public health emergencies, and critics pointed out that this means almost anything could come under the organization’s arms.

However, mainstream media insist that the International Health Regulations, which are aimed to detect disease outbreaks, will only allow the WHO director-general to declare public health emergencies of international concern.

They posit that the proposed U.S. amendments only seek to strengthen these requirements for reporting such emergencies, and member countries are expected to abide by the guidelines, although the organization itself does not have full power to enforce them, nor can it interfere in other countries’ decision-making processes.

Lawmakers and activists spent weeks sounding the alarm about the amendments before they were considered last month, with many referring to them as “dictatorial” and a “power grab” by the organization and some of its leading members at the expense of the autonomy of nation-states.

Following public backlash, legal analysts and researchers who followed the development said that the latest bid to empower the WHO has been stopped for now. (Related: WHO Pandemic Treaty will take away government oversight in the event of another pandemic, German MEP says.)

The main change made to the IHR remains to be the time for future amendments to take effect — from two years, down to one. They also approved the creation of a working group to help draft and consider more amendments in the future.

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Watch the video below for more information about the WHO amendments.

This video is from the Peter R. Breggin, MD channel on Brighteon.com.

(Article by Mary Villareal republished from Citizens.news)

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