While US Economy Crumbles, Biden Promises $200 Billion for Solar Panels, Vaccine Plants and Communication Links Around the World

While US Economy Crumbles, Biden Promises $200 Billion for Solar Panels, Vaccine Plants and Communication Links Around the World

Joe Biden promised the world $200 billion for communication links, vaccine plants, and solar panels.  This comes as the US economy is looking at his self-inflicted recession. 

Joe  Biden made some promises at the G-7 this weekend but he was barely able to make it through the events.

After making his speech, Biden then met with world leaders.  During this discussion the leaders had to tell Joe to turn around for a photo op.

While Biden was trying to figure out where he was at, his White House released a list of promises to the world community.

The White House announced plans on Sunday to raise $200 billion for solar projects in Angola, an undersea telecommunications cable linking the Far East with France via Egypt, and nuclear power production in Romania as part of a huge G7 infrastructure plan designed to compete with China‘s massive Belt and Road initiative.

The proposals were unveiled on the first day of the G7 summit in Germany, where world leaders met to discuss the global economy and Russia’s war in Ukraine.

In all, G7 nations will commit $600 billion to the effort over the next five years, President Joe Biden announced, calling the investment a humanitarian, economic and security concern.

The Daily Mail reports:

He argued the investment would boost the U.S. economy and economies around the world.

‘I want to be clear this isn’t charity. It’s an investment that will deliver returns for everyone, including the American people and the people of all our nations. It will boost all of our economies. It’s a chance for us to share our positive vision for the future,’ he said.

The White House said its $200 billion in grants and federal financing would help low income countries meet their economic and national security needs.

‘And this will only be the beginning: the United States and its G7 partners will also seek to mobilize hundreds of billions in additional capital from other like-minded partners, multilateral development banks, development finance institutions, sovereign wealth funds, and more,’ said the White House.

Biden named the idea ‘Build Back Better World’ – after his troubled domestic agenda – when he introduced it at last year’s G7 summit.

Now it is called the Partnership for Global Infrastructure.

Biden continues to lie and steal from the American people.  There is no evidence that building solar panels in Angola or a nuclear power plant in Romania or undersea communication links will help the American people at all.

While the US economy fails due to Biden’s many corrupt and anti-American actions, he’s turning around and giving billions to the rest of the world.  Nothing Biden does is to help America.  The solar panels will likely be built in China, the nuke in Romania will likely be built by some European entity and the undersea communications links have nothing to do with the US.

What is very possible is that the Biden family is making many millions on this deal.  Unfortunately for the American people, the DOJ is corrupt and will never look into it.

This is Biden’s America.  Destruction of the US, money for foreigners and the Bidens, and policies that only make sense to American enemies.   

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