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The Sheriff Mack Show: Sheriffs stand together against gun control amid Biden’s call for gun legislation

The Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA) stands firm in saying no to gun control despite President Joe Biden’s statement that he would not give up on efforts to have gun legislation.

“One of the greatest efforts of the CSPOA is to have sheriffs standing together against gun control. That’s where Sheriff Richard Mack beat Bill Clinton, the Supreme Court. And that’s how the CSPOA was born over that quintessential issue,” said co-host Sam Bushman during the May 31 episode of the “The Sheriff Mack Show” on Brighteon.TV.

Sheriff Bob Songer of Klickitat County said: “Somebody is going to come to our county with the intent of hurting someone, shooting someone. They’re gonna get the final justice and they will be shot and killed.”

Florida’s Law and Order Sheriff Carmine Marceno said in a press conference following the Uvalde school shooting that if an individual goes to one of the schools in their area and uses deadly force, they will not hesitate to shoot.

“My team’s top priority is the safety of your children, and we will use whatever resources are necessary to accomplish that goal,” Marceno stressed.

Songer agreed, but with a caveat. “After all these years in law enforcement, I’d like to say that we could respond to a school shooting 30 seconds, save the day and we will be heroes. But that’s not the real world,” he said.

“We need tighter security under schools and volunteer teachers that will be put through training and be armed. Because when that bad guy comes into school to do harm, that teacher already knows the school layout. And that teacher’s right there when it’s happening, and can put it down before officers even arrived on this.”

Host Sheriff Richard Mack, who was also a teacher for seven years, said that when this kind of situation arises, they call for law enforcement with guns to come and settle it.

“The most logical response would be to have guns there immediately. And that means arming teachers. Now, even as a former cop, and I was a teacher, I didn’t want to have a gun on my person. But I definitely wanted to have one close by and strategically placed where I could get it in a matter of seconds,” Mack said. “But we don’t want to force teachers to be armed if they don’t want to be.”

Bushman added: “You need more good guys with guns. That’s the simple reality check we must all face.”

Sheriffs Songer and Mack urge public to join CSPOA posse

For precisely that reason, Mack and Songer encouraged the public to join the CSPOA posse.

“The sheriff needs to involve the community. They need to get the citizens to work with them in a partnership. I call it community-policing-slash-posse-deputies. In working a partnership with you, we build credibility throughout the community,” Songer said.

He explained that posse deputies “are people that are volunteering and working for the community.” Members of the posse do not have arrest authority, but the sheriff could give that under emergency search situations.

“They do so many things. They work the county fairs for security gardens. They do patrols through their neighborhood. They have a plaque, magnetic plaque that goes on the side of their vehicle,” Songer said.

On the CSPOA website, Mack urged everyone to join the posse.

“This puts you involved in helping the community to make sure that your sheriffs and your local officials are standing for liberty and protecting your rights against any incursions of the state and federal government,” he said.

Members of the posse are entitled to attend the weekly webinars and are allowed to send direct questions to Mack. They will also get digital books on freedom, the Second Amendment and the proper role of law enforcement.

Watch the full May 31 episode of “The Sheriff Mack Show” below. Catch new episodes of the program every Tuesday at 10-11 a.m. on Brighteon.TV.

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