PRIDE month kicks off with MONKEYPOX outbreak in the homosexual community

PRIDE month kicks off with MONKEYPOX outbreak in the homosexual community

As corporations waste millions of dollars to advertise PRIDE month, the homosexual community is reporting new outbreaks of MONKEYPOX. Some of the earliest cases of monkeypox were contracted in Spain at gay bars and gay saunas. A Belgium festival that celebrates sexual fetishes, also reported monkeypox outbreaks among gay and bisexual men. The first monkeypox patient to speak with the media said he caught monkeypox after having homosexual interactions with ten different partners. The 35-year-old monkeypox patient tried to get a hold of health officials in the UK, but he is currently being ignored.

First monkeypox patient to speak with media warns that the homosexual community is spreading the disease

The patient, James M., was recently deported from Dubai because it is illegal to have homosexual activity there. After testing positive for HIV in January, James was deported to France. On his way to London, James said he had “a good time” having gay sex with “around 10 new partners.” After the sexual encounters, he started to show symptoms of monkeypox. James said the disease caused “really weird aches in his lower back, exhaustion, extreme thirst and pain when he used the toilet.” On May 25, an STI clinic told James to avoid public transport or close contact with others. Monkeypox patients are told to avoid contact with the public for 21 days and abstain from sexual activity.

James had many underlying symptoms, but he did not get lesions, scabs or spots that often accompany a case of monkeypox. He does remember one of his sexual partners having spots on his body.

According to PCR test results on May 28, James was positive for monkeypox. The PCR test is not an accurate diagnosis for a specific infection, so it’s hard to confirm exactly what James was afflicted with, especially with his underlying HIV diagnosis. Nevertheless, James says he has not been properly contact traced by UK Health Security Agency and is therefore not self-isolating at home. He warns that there is a “lack of awareness about monkeypox’s lesser-known symptoms” and his case is not being taken seriously by the government health agencies.

Public health experts are conflicted as monkeypox spreads among homosexual community

Some experts in the UK have warned gay men not to have sexual encounters if they have any symptoms of monkeypox; however, many government health officials do not want to be seen as homophobic, so they underplay the matter and refuse to comment on gay men’s sexual relations.

It’s PRIDE month after all. The world is supposed to celebrate gay sex and all sorts of sexual perversion. Parents are supposed to introduce their children to transgenderism and accept the lie that there are multiple genders. “One would think that asking gay men to stop having sex with dozens of random strangers to prevent the spread of this virus would be a wise decision in the interest of public health,” writes Chris Menahan from Information Liberation.

Experts at the World Health Organization (WHO) previously warned against summer festivals because they could spread monkeypox. But now WHO’s Andy Seale is coming out in support of gay pride parades this summer. Gay pride parades “should go ahead as normal despite the fact that the virus can be spread by close contact,” he said. “It’s important that people who want to go out and celebrate gay pride, LGBTQ+ pride, to continue to go and plan to do so,” said Seale.

This same contradiction in public health messaging was observed in 2020, when health officials supported antifa, black lives matter and social justice protests, but continued to advocate for lock downs on small businesses, churches and health freedom rallies.

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