Pizza Hut transforms BOOK IT! Program into trans-pushing gender-bender destruction of children

Pizza Hut transforms BOOK IT! Program into trans-pushing gender-bender destruction of children

A unique program at Pizza Hut that since 1984 has encouraged America’s youth to read more books in exchange for free pizza has gone woke.

The BOOK IT! Program has been – and you probably already guessed it – coopted by the Cult of LGBTQ and turned into a propaganda scheme to expose young and innocent children to drag queens, transgenderism and other such filth.

Many are calling for a Pizza Hut boycott after it was revealed that the pizza chain promoted a book that features a little boy dressed in drag. The children’s book claims that dressing up in prostitute clothing and putting on a large, colorful wig gives children magical superpowers.

According to the book’s publisher – and we will not name the book here so as to not promote it – the book “celebrates the universal childhood experience of dressing up and the confidence that comes with putting on a costume.”

“And it goes further than that,” the publisher added, “acknowledging that sometimes dressing differently from what might be expected is how we become our truest and best selves.”

On Twitter, the book’s author celebrated Pizza Hut for including it in the BOOK IT! Program, of course adding a Pride hashtag in celebration of the Cult of LGBTQ’s favorite deadly sin.

Why can’t we just let kids be kids without all the LGBTQ perversion?

Many others on Twitter were not amused, however. Brigitte Gabriel, a Lebanese-American conservative author and anti-Muslim activist, wrote that because Pizza Hut has gone woke, “now we must make them full broke.”

“I warned you about what Pizza Hut had become but you weren’t ready to hear it,” added One America News Network (OANN) commentator Jack Posobiec.

Todd Starnes, a conservative columnist, tweeted that Pizza Hut has not been doing that well as a company in recent years, having had to close down hundreds of restaurants. This latest move will only add another nail in the chain’s coffin.

“Maybe they should spend more time perfecting their pizza instead of grooming preschoolers to be drag queens?” Starnes added.

Someone without any clout asked if we can just go back to the good ol’ days when children read books like The Magic School Bus.

“Ms. Frizzle would never take the kids to a drag show,” this person added. “I miss wholesome things.”

“It’s just sad,” added another. “Kids aren’t allowed to be kids these days.”

Deranged leftists, which plague Twitter more than any other demographic, shot back at these tweets with enraged support for the children’s drag queen book, which many of them called “inclusive.”

One suggested that teaching preschoolers to become drag queens, and to later mutilate their body parts with gender-bending pharmaceuticals and surgical procedures, is important for “self-confidence.”

Another mocked those opposed to the children’s drag queen book as prudes – because children, according to the left, need to start destroying their bodies and biology as soon as possible in order to “celebrate acceptance.”

Almost unbelievably, another compared the children’s drag queen book to founding father and America’s first president George Washington.

“You know who else wore big wigs and makeup? The Founding Father’s [sic],” this person wrote, pretending to be witty and informed. “Stop worrying about what books kids might read, and do something about gun control instead.”

In the comment section at the Daily Mail (UK), someone aptly pointed out that a grown man writing about little boys in drag is “the real concern” here – because we have seen this kind of thing before, sadly.

The bright side to all this is that Pizza Hut has been garbage since forever, serving up toxic, genetically engineered (GMO) ingredient-laden mutant “food” that nobody who cares about his health would ever want to eat anyway.

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