January 6 Was a ‘Criminal Conspiracy’ To Overturn Election Says Hillary Clinton

January 6 Was a ‘Criminal Conspiracy’ To Overturn Election Says Hillary Clinton

Responding to the public hearing on January 6, Hillary Clinton said what happened on Capitol Hill was a “criminal conspiracy” to overturn an election.

According to the twice failed presidential candidate: “It’s pretty simple: We have a right to choose our own leaders. We can’t let anyone take that right away from us. The people involved in the criminal conspiracy to overturn the will of America’s voters—which culminated in the attempted coup of January 6—must be held accountable”.

Breitbart reports: Hillary Clinton, of course, championed the Russian collusion hoax for four years in the wake of President Donald Trump’s election in 2016 without any evidence, during which the Department of Justice and the FBI were weaponized to investigate Trump and his allies.

Whether or not the Democrats’ constant chest-pounding over January 6 will bear any fruit for them in the mid-term election remains to be seen, but some Democrats in vulnerable districts have expressed skepticism behind closed doors, according to a recent report from Axios.

“I think they’re incredibly important, but I wouldn’t call them pivotal to the election,” Rep. Susan Wild (D-PA) said of the hearings.

One anonymous Democrat in a swing district simply said “No” when asked if January 6 should be an election issue while hoping that the hearings would provide “a lot of powerful information” or a “holy sh*t” moment.

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