Illuminati Insider Links Bill Gates To Food Production Conspiracy

Illuminati Insider Links Bill Gates To Food Production Conspiracy

A stunning testimony that exposed plans the elite are now carrying out has resurfaced on the internet, years after it was censored and scrubbed by the powers that rule over us.

The man, who goes by the name Mr. Hunt, spent years infiltrating elite level secret societies, taking detailed notes about his experiences. After realizing the magnitude of the evil he was dealing with, he decided to sacrifice himself for the benefit of humanity and sounded the warning in 1992, revealing exactly what the Illuminati had in store for us in the future.

Spoiler alert: everything he warned us about in the interview is being played out right now. The Illuminati are seizing control of the Earth’s land while waging an unprecedented attack on the food supply.

At the same time Bill Gates is purchasing the nation’s farmland, the food production system is under an unprecedented attack.

Now Bill Gates is warning about food shortages. This should trigger alarm bells because he warned us about a virus that was going to kill a lot of people. Then Covid happened. And he he miraculously had the answer in the form of Franken-shot transhuman vaccinations. Weird.

We don’t need to go into that whole conspiracy in this video.

But the question has to be asked, what does Gates have up his sleeve this time and what are the elites planning? Basically, it’s about total control.

Mr. Hunt warns us that the elite plan to herd us like cattle into controlled living areas and rule us through a structured system of group think, or collective socialism, where the educational system is completely controlled to keep everyone dumbed down so we don’t question those controlling us.

Sound familiar?

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