Dr. Carrie Madej and boyfriend recovering in ICU after life-threatening small plane crash that resulted in severe injuries… “A miracle we are alive”

Dr. Carrie Madej and boyfriend recovering in ICU after life-threatening small plane crash that resulted in severe injuries… “A miracle we are alive”

We have held back on reporting this story until we heard from Dr. Madej, and we asked for prayers of support on social media for her and her boyfriend.

Yesterday we learned that Dr. Madej — an outspoken medical expert who has blown the whistle on vaccines and clot shots — was involved in the crash of a small aircraft. She suffered a broken leg and some fractures alone her spine, saying she was “bruised all over” and also apparently has a black eye. Her boyfriend suffered a cranial concussion and other injuries. Both were taken to the hospital for emergency surgery, and from what we know so far, both are currently recovering in the ICU.

“It’s a miracle we are alive”

Today we have learned more details from Dr. Madej:

“It is a miracle we are alive,” she says. The plane in which she was a passenger was returning from Florida when the engine quit. This is extremely rare in small aircraft, by the way, as aircraft must adhere to very strict schedules of engine overhauls according to FAA regulations. (I am trained as a small aircraft pilot and used to fly Cessna aircraft, so I am very familiar with FAA regulations on plane maintenance. However, I no longer fly small aircraft due to the deep state using small aircraft “accidents” to assassinate their targets. It’s too easy to fake a crash and eliminate people they don’t like.)

“We were gliding fine,” said Dr. Madej, likely referring to what’s called a “glide path” which is a specific angle of declination that allows an aircraft to maintain forward air speed as it loses altitude, allowing the pilot to maintain control over the flight surfaces. In effect, you are trading altitude for forward speed, so that you can glide the plane into a suitable emergency landing area. All small aircraft pilots are trained in this procedure, and it was common, I remember, for my instructor to turn off the engine during flight, even during night flights. We practiced glide path emergency procedures quite frequently.

She continues, “…and then rpm drops to zero in seconds and we drop like a rock.”

I don’t yet know what this means, since at this point the engine would have no longer been operating. However, the propeller may have stopped rotating since it was no longer under engine power, and it is possible that the glide path angle (and speed) for this specific aircraft makes it feel like you’re plummeting quickly. Each aircraft has a different glide path angle and speed designation. For a Cessa 172, which is what I trained in, the typical glide path speed is around 75 knots. For the Piper aircraft in which Dr. Madej was a passenger, this speed would be something different.

In the crash, Dr. Madej says her tibia and fibula were cleanly severed and her foot was “facing 120 degrees in the wrong direction.” She says it took paramedics 30 minutes to reach them, as they crash landed in trees. However, her pilot was able to direct the plane to crash land along a logger’s trail, which minimized the damage and probably saved their lives. “That was another miracle in itself!”

She says a search and rescue crew were trying to find them, and she screamed out for help, after which they were finally located.

She explained that the pilot (name withheld here) “has 20 years experience as a pilot and suffered skull fractures, facial fractures, T 10 fracture and he had LOC.”

Dr. Madej says she may be released by the hospital tomorrow.

Fuel can be tampered with

There is tremendous speculation on the internet about whether their small aircraft was tampered with in order to try to assassinate Dr. Madej. There is no current evidence of this that we are aware of, and the plane was obviously severely damaged in the crash to it may make a forensic examination impossible. However, from previous similar events, we know that the easiest way for a kill team to set this up is to tamper with the fuel.

Aviation fuel can be tampered with so that it gels over time, for example, and cannot be pumped through the engine’s fuel filter. This slow gelling effect is accelerated at altitude where temperatures are naturally colder. Aviation fuel can also be contaminated with water (either through condensation or a deliberate method), causing water in the fuel lines, which would cause the engine to cut out.

When small aircraft crash, they often ignite a large fuel fire, destroying the aircraft and its occupants. That’s because the wings of small aircraft are loaded with aviation fuel. Combined with sparks from the metal — or electrical sparks from the battery — it’s very easy to ignite the aviation fuel, resulting in a massive explosion. Fortunately, that did not occur in this crash.

Note that civilian aviation has a very good safety track record overall, that is until the vaccine clot shots started causing pilots to lose consciousness and crash their planes. However, vaccines are clearly not the culprit in this crash. This appears to be something related to the fuel composition, fuel lines, or other mechanical causes. However, we won’t know for sure unless an investigation is conducted and allowed to be carried out without the truth being covered up. We don’t have much faith that the NTSB will do an honest job on this, since they are controlled by the same corrupt federal government that’s trying to carry out genocide with vaccines.

For now, please pray for healing and a speedy recovery for Dr. Madej and her boyfriend. Visit her website at CarrieMadej.com and you can watch lots of her interviews on Brighteon.com. (Just search the site for “Madej” and it will pull up many interviews.)

For everybody else on the front lines of the fight for health freedom, watch your six. Hide your location. Use VoltaWireless.com as your SIM card for your phone. (Use affiliate code “BTV” to get a discount on your first month. I have a full review coming soon…)

Stay away from small aircraft, and avoid showing up anywhere in public where the time and location of your arrival is known in advance. These are very dangerous times, and people are being targeted for assassination.

The vaccine deep state will stop at nothing to silence the truth.

(Article by Mike Adams republished from Citizens.news )

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