COVID-19 statistics unreliable and widely misrepresented, says Alliance for Health International co-director

COVID-19 statistics unreliable and widely misrepresented, says Alliance for Health International co-director

Rob Verkerk, the co-director of the Alliance for Health International, reflected on the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and the statistics that he said created huge polarization, depending on interpretation: the number of COVID-19 deaths, cases and adverse reactions to the vaccines.

He noted that the official figures of the “polarizing” statistics can be unreliable and widely misrepresented. Thus, people cannot rely on them to understand the real impact of the COVID-19 disease, as distinguished from the impacts of the human response, statistical noise or statistical manipulation.

For example, Norman Fenton and his colleagues from the Queen Mary University of London previously dismantled official U.K. data regarding the vaccinated and unvaccinated cases of COVID-19. While their work was regarded as the most reliable dataset available internationally, it also provided a stark reminder of how deception can work.

Their paper stated that there had been numerous discrepancies that indicate the reports on vaccine effectiveness have been grossly underestimating the number of unvaccinated people, causing statistics to underestimate the mortality rates of vaccinated individuals per age category.

COVID deaths, cases and vaccination rates

It is important to reflect on the mortality data associated with COVID-19, no matter how painful, to make sure that history does not repeat itself. (Related: Pfizer’s covid injections are killing people, including babies, and the FDA has known the entire time.)

COVID-19 deaths were always conflated with other causes. In other countries, they represented deaths reported from any cause that occurred within a specific timeframe of a positive COVID-19 antigen test, usually up to 28 days after.

Many of the reported deaths were in hospitals where the sickest tend to go, and where they are most likely to contract infections — certainly, it is the most likely place to test for COVID-19 status, using a known flawed diagnostic technique based on real-time testing platforms like the RT-PCR.

This gives no accurate way of measuring the impact of the disease, but a proxy or a comparison of all-cause mortality against the expected average mortality, or the so-called “excess mortality.”

This number showed an undeniable elevated excess mortality in some countries, which coincided with the waves of apparent infection. While some countries like one-third of Europe or those in the African continent experienced no excess mortality whatsoever, other countries experienced excess mortality of varying severity.

Using a comprehensive excess mortality dataset of 28 EuroMoMo (European mortality monitoring) partners, it was found that 32 percent experienced no significant excess mortality impact between 2020 to the present.

There is also no clear correlation, positive or negative, between excess mortalities and COVID-19 injection rates. However, some data showed the countries with the highest excess mortalities also tended to have the highest full vaccination rates against COVID.

Excess deaths caused by COVID

Verkerk posited that it would be foolish to ignore the possibility of vaccines causing excess deaths as there had been more pronounced increases in excess mortality in the 0-14 age group in 2021 from the year before, kicking just in time around week 38 (or September 2021) when the injections were being encouraged in adolescents.

However, it is reassuring that excess mortalities in 2022 so far are tracking lower, which could also be linked to the declining infection rates, lower vaccine uptake, and partial restoration of primary and secondary health care services.

Moreover, it is important to note that the idea of a vaccination saving the day may not be the case at all. Excess mortality post-vaccine rollout considerably exceeds that of the pre-rollout period, when virulence was considered greater. (Related: America at war: Excess deaths mount after COVID-19 vaccine rollouts, mandates.)

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