Chevron Leaving California, Moving Company and Jobs to Texas: “It’s Too Woke Here”

Chevron Leaving California, Moving Company and Jobs to Texas: “It’s Too Woke Here”

Chevron has announced plans to close its California headquarters and move its operations to Texas due to the ‘woke’ policies in the Golden State.

Once again, California is losing a major producer of jobs and tax revenue.

The Dallas Morning News reports:

Chevron will sell California headquarters and move jobs to Texas

Chevron intends to sell its vast headquarters campus in San Ramon, keep its head offices in the same East Bay city and shift jobs to Texas, a move that could deal a fresh blow to the Bay Area economy.

The energy giant said it will cover relocation costs for some employees to move from San Ramon to Texas.

“Chevron plans to sell our Chevron Park campus and move to new modern leased space in San Ramon,” the oil titan said in comments emailed to this news organization.

The location of the leased space wasn’t immediately disclosed, other than it is in San Ramon.

However, Bishop Ranch, an iconic mixed-use office, retail and restaurant business park that’s adjacent to the current company headquarters in Chevron Park, has the capability to offer modern office spaces for tenants.

“The current real estate market provides the opportunity to right-size our office space to meet the requirements of our headquarters-based employee population,” Chevron stated. reports: This is part of a national trend.

Biden played a role in this and not in a good way.

The business landscape of America is shifting rapidly and it’s going red, not blue.

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