Canadian doctor illegally administered covid shots to hundreds of infants as young as six months old

Canadian doctor illegally administered covid shots to hundreds of infants as young as six months old

There will be no punishment for a Toronto doctor who was caught illegally administering Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines” to at least 500 children as young as six months of age.

Even though the shots are only legal for children five years of age and older, Dr. Christopher Sun from Weston-Mount Dennis took it upon himself to invent his own science in order “to protect children.”

“I put my neck on the line and did what I wanted to get done, which was to protect children,” Sun told the Toronto Star in defense of what he did, which could have killed – and still could – his child patients. (Related: Covid jabs are linked to autoimmune hepatitis in children.)

“These are worried parents in time of a health crisis and I think it’s wrong to turn away people who know what they are getting into.”

Toronto Public Health ordered Sun to stop injecting children under the age of five, and he was reported to the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO). Even so, Sun continued to inject children until the month ended, and will now apparently get away with his crimes.

“At this time, no Covid-19 vaccine is approved in Canada for children under the age of five years old,” said Toronto Public Health spokesperson Lenore Bromley, explaining that the Ontario Ministry of Health guidance clearly states that children under five should not get jabbed.

“The Ontario Ministry of Health guidance does not permit vaccination of children under age five with any publicly funded Covid-19 vaccine.”

Corrupt doctors illegally drugged children and are not being punished for it – where’s the justice?

Nobody seems to know exactly how many under-five children in Toronto were injected – comforting, eh? – though a March report from the government admitted that many unlawfully received the shots.

“A report was run in March 2022 that showed some incidents of children under the age of five being vaccinated,” said spokesperson W.D. Lighthall.

In some cases, four-year-olds who were about to turn five were given the shots unlawfully by other doctors within the Toronto Western Hospital system’s family health team “when the MoH had opened the dates in the system which allowed for the vaccination of children with their fifth year,” reads an announcement from the University Health Network.

It will take at least until June to officially roll out the injections for children under five, suggesting that all of these babies would have gotten the jab eventually. Regardless, what Sun and other Toronto doctors did was illegal, and they are not being held accountable for it.

“With Omicron rising, I grew more and more nervous,” said Samantha Green, one freaked out mother who simply could not wait to get her preschool-aged son and toddler daughter jabbed before they were legally permitted to do so.

“I started to really worry for their health and wellbeing. We felt it was the best choice for us. I absolutely don’t have any regrets at all.”

Sun says he was interviewed by CPSO about his actions but that they were dismissed without any corrective action.

“Among the factors that would be considered are the nature of the concern, the physician’s willingness to correct that behaviour, and whether there is reason to believe that further intervention is necessary to ensure that patients are not subjected to unnecessary risk,” said CPSO spokesperson Shae Greenfield.

Meanwhile, children everywhere who got jabbed are now developing autoimmune hepatitis and other serious health conditions and very little is being said about it by the media, let alone mainstream “medicine.”

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