AOC Says She Can’t Have a Baby Because Her $174,000 Salary is Too Low

AOC Says She Can’t Have a Baby Because Her $174,000 Salary is Too Low
Socialist Rep. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) has published a lengthy and bitter screed in which she complains that her $174,000 Congressional salary is too low to start a family on.

During a late night session on Instragram in which she took questions from supporters on Thursday, AOC moaned that a paltry salary of just $174,000 per annum makes it really difficult for “working and middle class” members like her to make ends meet.

AOC Says She Can’t Have a Baby Because Her $174,000 Salary is Too Low

As if that wasn’t embarrassing enough, AOC went on to blame US economic and social problems on the country’s “Protestant work ethic.”

Not only is she demanding a higher salary, she wants to work less.

You want more AOC late night wisdom? Your luck is in. The hits just kept coming!

Responding to a question about defunding the police, AOC doubled down on the far left ideology, claiming the police should be defunded because rising crime proves that policing don’t work.

That’s right. According to AOC, when we get rid of the police, crime will go away.

Twitter users didn’t have much time for AOC’s petulant complaints.

@BigEyeless reminded her that being a career politician should not be a career choice.

While @DaveHollon had some useful financial advice for the poor Congresswoman.

@BluebirdKeny suggested AOC campaign on the message “Give me a raise” and see how that goes in her district where people make far less than she does.

While Eric Newbury provided her with a dose of reality.

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