Americans Either Stand Up Now Or Forget About Free and Fair Elections for Generations

Americans Either Stand Up Now Or Forget About Free and Fair Elections for Generations

(Please note that I share this report as a former international audit and finance executive who performed or led hundreds of financial, operational, IT, compliance and fraud audits around the world.  This article is based on my professional experience and expertise.)

America is facing an election crisis.  It’s do or die for liberty and some Americans don’t even know it. 

Every day more and more information and evidence become available showing the 2020 Election was stolen from President Trump.   This steal involved physically preventing independent observers from seeing what was going on for days after the election.  It resulted in impossible results.

Ballots were inserted into the election in every way possible with no controls or documentation on how they were received and counted.  Signatures were not checked on these ballots.  Voting systems used had multiple issues and those in government will not allow a thorough review of the systems involved.  Key states and cities were isolated and impossible results were recorded.

The first move that the Democrats made as they stepped into Congress in 2021 after the steal was to put HR1 on the table.  This bill was created to end free and fair elections forever in the US.  It codified all that was corrupt and criminal in the 2020 Election and even made it a felony to question the operations of voting systems.

Fortunately, this bill has not yet passed but it is only a few votes away.  West Virginia Senator Manchin could see through this and he would not vote for it.  This is how close this country came to ending free and fair elections forever.

Now as patriots around the country attempt to get to the bottom of the election abuse in 2020, the courts and politicians are doing all they can to block them.

Recently in New Mexico, it was identified that the voting systems used in the recent primary were not in compliance with state law. They never should have been used and the results are invalid as a result.

When one county in New Mexico, Otero County, decided to not certify the results because doing so would go against state law, the corrupt Secretary of State stepped in and petitioned the state’s Supreme Court to make them certify the results. The county commissioners were threatened with criminal actions and the Supreme Court agreed with the corrupt Secretary of State. The invalid results were then certified.

We saw similar actions in Pennsylvania when auditors tried to get to the voting systems used in the 2020 Election. The corrupt Supreme Court there sided with the corrupt Secretary of State and prevented access to the voting systems.

Never in my professional career did I have auditees refuse to provide information of any form to me to perform audit work. This would be a serious matter in the corporate world but this is the norm in today’s corrupt government.  Audit committees would never put up with this and individuals would be fired for doing so.  The reason is that everyone knows that if someone is not providing information to auditors it’s because they have something to hide.

Unfortunately, the GOP leaders are in sync with the corrupt election-stealing Democrats and those who want to do good appear to lack the courage to stand up to the uniparty cabal.

Big Tech and Big Media are doing all they can to push their propaganda that all was well on November 3rd, 2020. This is a lie. This is a big lie. The 2020 Election was stolen.

If we don’t get to the bottom of this, free and fair elections will be gone forever. We must demand that our systems are free, fair, and transparent.  Wake up America and gain some courage. Our country is at stake.

(Article by Joe Hoft republished from TheGatewayPundit)

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